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Science as a Way of Knowing Honors Students explore theories from an array of scientific disciplines including geology, biology, astronomy, chemistry, and physics in a way that emphasizes the role of empirical evidence and argumentation in advancing our understanding of natural processes.

Challenges for strong scholars and creative thinkers As an honors student at WSU, you will: Immerse yourself in new discoveries through community service projects or your own academic research.

WSU Honors College

The class stresses problem solving, in-depth understanding of physical concepts, and includes exercises on computers using Mathematica that provide deeper insight into assigned problems and questions. WSU Honors College An enriched, four-year core curriculum for high-achieving students in any major who enjoy the challenges of an engaged academic community.

Please read the information below to ensure that you complete and submit the application correctly. We want to know what makes you tick. WSU Honors College Challenge Yourself What do you get when you combine the best of a small liberal arts college with the immense resources of a major research university?

Prepare your answer to the Essay 1 and Essay 2 and save it as one word document or PDF to submit as part of the online Honors Application and Essay; name it using your last and first names separated by a comma and using upper and lower cases ex.

Be eligible for additional scholarship awards. Apply to Washington State University After you have completed your WSU Applicationapply to the Honors College to experience the benefits of small classes and experienced professors in a community of academically talented students like yourself!

Joining the Honors College

College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Studies Honors Classes Sciences and Mathematics Highly motivated undergraduate students interested in sciences or mathematics are encouraged to enroll in our honors classes.

Good mathematics performance and a semester of calculus is required before enrollment. You may access the application here.

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Our evaluation of your completed application and essay will be holistic, taking into account: The Honors College does not require extra fees to participate.

Recommended for engineering majors and natural, physical or life science majors. Students planning to major in chemistry, or to take at least two semesters of chemistry for another major, should consider these classes.

An Honors College certificate can open doors to prestigious graduate and professional programs nationwide. Imagine you are backpacking through a foreign country. The application period for entry to the Honors College in Fall is now open!

Apply to the Honors College; you will receive an email when your Honors Application and Essays are received. Engage one-on-one with excellent professors in small, discussion-based classes.

The Honors College Application The first page of the Application and Essays contain fields which you must complete; many fields are required. Quick Links The individualized attention of the Honors College starts with the application.

Your application will be reviewed by the Honors Admissions Committee. If you have questions about the application, please feel welcome to contact us directly at honors wsu. Transfer students with a college GPA of 3. Coursework includes exploration of how scientific knowledge is acquired, refined and advanced, and provides hands-on experience with scientific scholarship.

The application essays are our way to get to know you. Through your essay we will learn about you, your ability to think critically and creatively, and how you organize and express your thoughts. Earn a certificate of global competencies to add to your degree. Pick one activity or experience and explain how it illuminates an important aspect of who you are.

At the WSU Honors College, we realize that applicants cannot be reduced to their academic transcripts. Review the information below about the Honors College Application and Essays. The Honors Essays Personal essays as part of your application to the Honors College at Washington State University help us to get to know you beyond your academic background of grades, test scores, and courses taken in high school.

Completion of both parts is required. Your application will be evaluated on its own merits, not compared to others. Honors rewards The honors experience comes with plenty of personal rewards — now and in the future: Note that there are two parts to the essay.Admission to the Cohen Honors College is determined by online application and essay.

Eligibility for the Honors College is based on cumulative high school GPA or composite ACT (SAT conversion score).

Challenge Yourself

The WSU Honors College, of course. Challenges for strong scholars and creative thinkers. As an honors student at WSU, you will: The Honors admission committee also considers the rigor of your high school course work, your response to the Honors essay question, and other factors that are included in the Honors College application.

Location: PO BoxPullman, WA, WSU Honors College An enriched, four-year core curriculum for high-achieving students in any major who enjoy the challenges of an engaged academic community.

Admission to the WSU Honors College is competitive and requires an additional fresh-air-purifiers.comon: PO Box Your journey starts here Join the thousands of students across Washington and online who are working to shape the future.

Campuses Pullman Undergraduate Freshmen, transfer, and returning students International students Graduate and professional Master’s and doctoral students (U.S. and international) Veterinary medicine Spokane Tri-Cities Vancouver Everett Online QUICK LINKS Tuition and costs.

Honors Classes

Hayley worked with Honors Faculty Fellow Dr. Phyllis Erdman (WSU College of Education) and Dr. Lori Kogan (Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine). Honors Thesis Research Published in Neuropharmacology.

Freshman. You’re considered a freshman if you’re applying to WSU for the academic year immediately after graduating from high school (even if you’re in Running Start) or you haven’t attended college since high school fresh-air-purifiers.comon: PO BoxPullman, WA,

Wsu honors college essay
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