Stella artois right choice as interbrews flagship brand

A city-by-city based marketing strategies entail some limitations. Cross fertilization of best practices was one of the central component of their operations strategy. A single beer like Stella Artois has the potential to become a successful brand like Coca-Cola. Interbrew placed Stella Artois as their premium beer when the demand for the premium beer were on rise and they were experiencing an increase in sales volume.

Their growth was driven by industry rationalization. This strategy, it would cut down on advertising and manufacturing costs and increases profits. Between and the company expanded via a series of acquisitions and mergers and grew rapidly as a result of acquisitions beginning in Better served marketing strategies and local promotions are facilitated through branded glassware and bar supplies to strengthen the influence of brand perceptions on consumers.

Interbrew began a campaign to start a chain of international pubs to help promote its premium beer in key markets such as New York and Auckland.

It allows Interbrew to closely train bars staff and retailers and educate them about the special brewing tradition, quality and culture of distributed premium beers such as Stella in order to create stronger advocates then acquire consumers brand loyalty.

Compounding these aspects of the industry dynamics are the changing nature of the consumers, with the focus being more on healthy beverages over high-calorie traditional ones.

In mature markets, Interbrew maintained its existing market shares and improved efficiencies in production, distribution and marketing to exploit a growing potential towards upscale, premiums, and even specialty products. As the beer industry tries to consolidate and the competition becomes fiercer, Interbrew must choose strategy to retain its global market share and position.

Having a globally recognized beer would be very profitable in the beer industry and allow the company to focus on its core resources and capture a greater share of value by specializing on a component of the value chain.

In growth markets the company consolidated and expanded new markets through acquisition in central Europe, Asia and South America to cope with the declining of domestic markets Belgium primarily due to its image of old-fashioned beer. As in reading Global Strategy, utilizing where and how to globalize is a determining factor.

One of their sourcing strategy was to select smaller number of suppliers and work with them closely as they believed innovative changes were achieved saving sums for both the parties.

The need of customers is better framed then responded to with personalized attentions. It makes sense for Interbrew, a simple Belgium brewery to develop a global brand in order to increase volumes, to maximize sales revenues and to lessen its dependence on Belgium and Canada, its two primary markets.

Employees also had put forward many propositions to improve the company processes. Interbrew sees consolidation as a prevailing feature going forward in the beer industry and to improve margins through higher volumes of premium and specialty brands.Stella Artois appears to be the right choice as the company's flagship brand primarily because the global volume evolution of the brand seemed quite promising.

Stella Artois raised its volume of 97% from to Does Stella Artois appear to be the right choice as the company\’s flagship brand? What would Interbrew have to do to succeed with Stella in the urban market closet to where you live?

The Global Branding of Stella Artois

What role the Internet should play in developing this global brand? The Global Branding of Stella Artois. The Global Branding of Stella Artois Case Study Analysis Introduction Interbrew is a privately held company headquartered in Belgium.

Hence it’s very clear that the management’s decision to place Stella Artois as their flagship brand was the right choice.

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A single beer like Stella Artois has the /5(1). Interbrew’s Brand Strategy brings another question to mind. Does Stella Artois appear to be the right choice as the company’s flagship brand or should a different brand be chosen to represent the company?

At the start, Stella Artois was slow at picking up popularity and steam as the flagship brand. Transcript of The Global Branding Of Stella Artois. Nupoor Dubey - Amy Reed - Erin Roszczyk - Shailaja Sukumar Outline History Long History Substantial Growth Mergers Acquisitions Stella Artois as a Flagship Brand Cities vs.

Countries No Yes Brewers are Global but Most Brands are Very Local Developing Cities As Markets Pro.

Does it make sense for Interbrew to develop a global brand

Stella Artois is part of a rich Belgian brewing heritage dating back as early as Its legacy of quality and sophistication is reflected in the iconic chalice specially designed to enhance all of the senses – with a unique shape that heightens the aroma and a stem that keeps the beer colder longer.

Stella artois right choice as interbrews flagship brand
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