Spea honors thesis

Examples and applications to contemporary government decisions. SPEA-V and senior standing. Once the defense is completed to the satisfaction of the committee, the thesis must be signed by all committee members. Career planning and placement strategies, assessment of labor market information, market surveys, and development of customized portfolios.

Emphasis is placed on such major contemp-orary issues as the police role, discretion, use of force, corruption, accountability, Spea honors thesis community policing. It also examines perspectives on why people organize, donate to, and volunteer for nonprofit organizations and looks at current challenges that the sector faces.

The course covers the concepts and issues associated with corporate financial reporting. Special attention is given to the application of the principles of sustainability to management, methods for public and interest group participation, communication and conflict resolution, and evidence-based management designed to track organizational progress.

A minimum of six speaking situations. The purpose of this course is to provide a basic understanding of the origins, process, and impact of law in the making and implementing of public policy. Application of concepts and theories toward improving individual, group, and organizational performance.

Students are placed with public agencies or governmental units for assignment to a defined task relevant to their educational interests in public affairs. This course seeks to integrate learning across the public affairs curriculum. Topics include urban government structure and policy making, the economic foundations and development of cities, demography of cities and suburbs, land-use planning, and other selected urban policy problems.

The course will allow students to obtain tutoring with specific problems. The principles of sustainability are applied to policy considerations and existing policies are analyzed for their long-term impact.

A survey of the incidence of terrorism in democratic societies, with particular emphasis on public policy responses designed to combat terrorism in cities. An extensive review of the development of recent legal changes to the court, options for prevention, treatment of juvenile offenders, and possible system reforms.

Honors Program

Intended as an integrative senior course, primarily for SPEA students. Recommend basic understanding of computer operations. Prerequisites can be waived by the instructor of the course. Students will be required to fulfill a minimum of hours of relevant professional work experience.

Discussion of techniques to identify and measure risk, the acceptability of risk, and governmental attempts to control risk. This course is an examination of the management process in public organizations in the United States.

Research rules Honors research may be performed at IUB, at another campus of Indiana University, or at another university—provided that your Honors committee evaluates all such research. Replacing W or W for honors students, this course follows W This course examines the historical development of the American correctional system and the study of administration of local, state, and federal corrections programs, including jails, probation, community corrections, and prisons.

Measures of central tendency and dispersion. A paper based strictly on library research is not suitable as an Honors thesis in Biology, but can be a legitimate X experience.

Open to Kelley School of Business seniors and selected seniors from other schools with high scholastic ability and promise of developing leadership qualities exemplified by Herman B Wells. This course may be repeated for credit. The course is designed for students who envision themselves working in management, policy making, or research roles.

Various topics focusing on financial management and policy are examined in state and local settings. Students in this course examine the management practices of nonprofit organizations.

Honors Thesis

Part of the Integrative Core, along with F and M Individual projects using these various methods combine primary and secondary skills. Course content includes analytical perspectives of the policy process, the centers of policy, and the public interest.

Course examines rise of modernity in the West as an integrated social economic, scientific, and artistic phenomenon. White collar crime is an examination of the definitions, theories, laws, and policy responses that shape crimes by corporations, government agencies, professionals, and others engaged in legitimate occupations.

Fall, day; Spring, day, night; Summer II, day.IU-SPEA offers several Undergraduate, Graduate, Parker Dean's honors thesis looks into why women are underrepresented in the alcoholic beverage industry. Bottled Water: The Risks to Our Health, Our Environment, and Our Wallets Marguerite Kaye Huber School of Public and Environmental Affairs Honors Thesis V Fa.

IUPUI Office of the Registrar Honors Classes Hon-H HONORS SENIOR THESIS - Dept Consent Required Spea-V HONORS THESIS - Dept Consent Required (3 cr).

Courses that qualify for the IUPUI Honors College are currently under review. The following listing contains courses that are approved for the IUPUI Honors College. More courses will appear on.


Outstanding students may earn Honors in Biology by writing and defending an honors thesis on their own original research. spea-h honors thesis spea-h healthcare finance spea-h health policy spea-i pub mgt info systems spea-i data base management systems.

Spea honors thesis
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