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However they are ironically used in reference with the fall of the British Empire and the capturing of the citizens whom England was to be protecting, hence refuting their pompous and arrogant attitudes. Together with photographs, cinematic techniques and symbols, these texts represent the devastation of war, the bonds of friendship forged during a war and their respective will to survive.

Additionally the alliteration of tossed in together reflects how people in war have no choice of their companions, that it pushes them together in survival. The effects of the imprisonment of the innocent is clearly highlighted during these photographs.

The audience witnesses the consequences of these changes but to everyone else, they are unable to see this because of the defensive stoic mask she wears.

Shoehorn Sonata Speech + Related Text

There exists a range of sounds that establish the reality of the past such as the singing of the crickets and the lapping of the waves. Amplified sounds further highlight the themes of memories and reconstructions of past realities. The photographs shown during interview in Shoe Horn Sonata support the dialogue and give the audience a visual representation of what the girls went through during the camp.

The sarcastic tone makes Katniss realise that the ploy will be futile as if Haymitch is doubtful then others will be too. Rue and Katniss team up as they both have valuable skills assets that the other would like to utilise to their advantage such as when Rue manages to take a weapon unnoticed using the trees.

This insect noise comes to represent the deepening inner turmoil and emotional horror as she submits to her sexual ordeal, and also represents her heroic sacrifice for Bridie. Caramel is another symbol of survival. However, this incidence is followed by savage yells and ugly thumps of young Bridie being beaten.

Hire Writer Also to create realism throughout the moments of this scene the use of distant sounds of lapping waves play in which this assists in creating a sense of immediacy and puts forward the notion of heroism that needed to be displayed to overcome such horrendous condition in which these girls went through.

Distinctively visual texts have the power to provoke reactions from responders whether that would be reactions of pleasure or anger and most intentions of distinctive visuals is to provoke us to question embedded notions of normalcy or challenge us to think in new ways and to most importantly understand the image being evoked by composers as they rely on language or visual techniques to induce distinctive visuals in their readers imagination.

Similarly in the Hunger Gamesthe friendships that Katniss makes with both Rue and are forged out of necessity and need rather than sentiment.

Little detail can be seen in these scenes which corresponds to the insignificance of these places to Katniss. Her life is unpredictable and this is shown as the camera shakes around representing the sudden changes in her life and well as extreme long shots used to give the audience a general impression of the places she goes.

Overall Misto manipulates the responder to evoke the heroic images, as he enables the audience to empathise with the characters on such a heroic journey. Misto uses the play to demonstrate the devastation of war and the human spirit and will to survive, both prevalent themes throughout the play.

Probably, but you know that if you show fear, everyone will see you as being weak.

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The stark black and white photos depicting the harrowing effects of mistreatment of innocents evokes sympathy towards the prisoners from the viewer and loathing for their captors. This conveys to the audience that the girls clung to the hope that they would eventually be released from the prison camp.

The long-term consequences of the war are also felt much more deeply. Both texts show that although they may not have been friends in normal circumstances, war has pushed them together and this has attributed to them surviving.

Shoe Horn Sonata Speech

As the play goes on, the shoehorn symbolises family for Bridie and sacrifice for Sheila but in the end it unites the girls and demonstrates that not only did they survive the war, they survived the effects of the war as well. These sounds are quite confrontational to us, as the audience, as they represent the perpetration of violence upon individuals.

They are emaciated, haggard and impoverish. The Shoe-horn Sonata is concerned with the incarceration of two women held captive in a Japanese prisoner of war POW camp.

For example, scene nine opens with a large image of women prisoners bowing to the Japanese. This effect conveys the themes of hardship, suffering and the atrocities of war inflicted upon individuals. Through the use of repetitive hyperbolized onomatopoeia and the heroic symbolism of the shoe-horn, Misto has cleverly juxtaposed these characters to show such heroism as Bridie realistically saves Sheila by such an emblematic item being the shoe horn.

In many ways, an alliance with Rue is an alliance to District 11 which Katniss can use to her benefit.

By superimposing the voices of Bridie and Sheila when they were in the camp over the contemporary action and dialogue, the past and the present are blended together.

For example, the shoehorn in Shoe Horn Sonata is first seen when the girls are in the water and Bridie uses it to wake Sheila up and prevent her from drowning. The pin is a representation of a creature with a spirit of her own.

It places the scenes within historical contexts and on some occasions suggests the irony of the situations in which the two women face.

The use of voice-over and sound effects are particularly important in establishing the mood and the meaning of the play. The dramatic and theatrical devices, written techniques and strong visual imagery function accordingly to communicate the ideas of heroism, death, trauma, crimes against humanity and lastly survival.

This dominates the scene and conveys the theme of power within the play. Therefore, thus despite common circumstances being the catalyst for friendship in times of war, strife and horror they are able to triumph over their circumstances because of the sustenance that this unexpected friendship provides them.Jul 18,  · How to find related texts for Shoehorn Sonata.

I also wouldn't just use a generic related text that half the state will be using as the examiners most likely will be sick of reading a slightly changed analysis to one online. Give your essay an edge by choosing a 'distinct' text that you either love or have a desire to learn about.

Jun 10,  · Distinctively Visual - Shoe Horn Sonata related texts () Yes, the only Module that doesn't require related texts is Module B. Any text would work, as long as they have a profound impact on how you see the world. As, 'Roofusss' stated, any of those texts they listed would work great, as it challenges your concept of normality and.

Set Text: The Shoehorn Sonata. There are some excellent analyses of The Shoehorn Sonata online, as a related text so you can see how they both link to the topic of "Distinctively visual". They want you to pay membership to down load the presentation, but you can watch it for free online.

Shoehorn Sonata & Related Text Essay User Description: This is a written essay on the text 'Shoehorn Sonata' composed by John Misto, including a related text 'Masters of War' which is a song composed by Bob Dylan.

Mar 12,  · I have a speech due on the 8th April and i need a related text for TSHS. Any Ideas?

Shoe-Horn Sonata Essay

Distinctively visual - misto's the shoe horn sonata related text Distinctively visual - misto's the shoe horn sonata related text How could I link Guernica to Shoehorn?

What themes should I be looking for? Shoehorn Sonata Speech + Related Text Essay though his acclaimed play the shoehorn sonata playwright john misto utilises distinctively visual techniques to explore and convey the theme of friendship and mate-ships.

through these dramatic and literary devises and through the use of his protagonists, bridie and sheila, misto explores how.

Shoehorn sonata speech related text
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