Pro death penalty position paper

Yet the deaths and suffering of countless victims is only an easily-ignored statistic. Common dissertations written by students take the form of persuasive essay on death penalty: Capital punishment can be a difficult topic to approach because people tend to have extreme views on it.

More often than not, for example, the victims of horrible rapes are children and elderly women.

Our system of justice rightfully demands a higher standard for death penalty cases. For illustration purposes, a brief persuasive essay on this topic is as follows: Willie and accomplice Joseph Vaccaro had been on an 8-day murder, robbery and rape spree.

Stephen Klein and John Rolph, "Relationship of Offender and Victim Race to Death Penalty Sentences in California" Jurimetrics Journal, 32, Fallfound that, "After accounting for some of the many factors that may influence penalty decisions, neither race of the defendant nor race of the victim appreciably improved prediction of who was sentenced to death.

Hence, the threat of the death penalty may deter some murderers who otherwise might not have been deterred. They fear most death deliberately inflicted by law and scheduled by the courts…. Although these studies have been produced by respected social scientists, there are also studies which show no general deterrent effect.

Furthermore, general or systemic deterrence is not necessarily measured by low or reduced homicide rates, but by rates that are lower than they otherwise would be if the death penalty was not present. The State of Delaware has the highest execution rate per capita and low homicide rates.

Death Penalty Position Paper

In the recent past, national authorities have embraced correctional policies in a bid to persuade citizens to stop engaging in criminal activities.

Many people that argue this overestimate how often this happens, it is an extremely rare occurrence and has not happened since the death penalty was reintroduced in Opponents state that if the death penalty was a deterrent then states that have the death penalty would have a reduced homicide rate.

You can follow any comments to this entry through the RSS 2. The Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld the death penalty as constitutional in cases they have presided over.

This can influence the effectiveness of deterrence because punishments that are carried out swiftly are better examples to others.

Calling their work misleading hardly does this "academic" study justice.This site is being developed as a resource for those searching the internet for pro-death penalty information and resources.

Capital punishment is a topic that brings up deep emotional reactions for those on both sides of the issue and conflict for those who are undecided how they feel. The Death Penalty Research Paper English Composition ENG 03 December Abstract The death penalty is a subject of much debate amongst the American people.

Some people support capital punishment while others do not. And surely the death penalty is the only penalty that could deter prisoners already serving a life sentence and tempted to kill a guard, or offenders about to be arrested and facing a life sentence.” (Death Penalty Curricula for High School).

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Death penalty opponents however feel that the death penalty actually leads to an increase in crime because the death penalty desensitizes people to violence, and it sends the message that violence is a suitable way to resolve conflicts. This is a very long document.

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Pro death penalty position paper
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