Pest analysis of nokia sales in india

Another environmental concern that could affect Nokia is increased costs for materials and components, particularly lithium for batteries. If not, how will this affect your organization?

All level of social class use different model of mobile phones frequently to meet their personal needs, despite their differences in nationality, race, beliefs, religion or income level between among each others.

Being the predominate medium by which we get things done; technology as a process, in terms of mobile phones defines the way we make contact. These structures contain varying flexibility, in education, work attitudes, income distribution, and so on. By using the Live Tiles, user can access to apps, contacts, Facebook, emails and tweets on homescreen.

How are these situations likely to change, and how is this likely to affect you?

PEST Analysis

Environmental Factors Green products or called the environmental friendly products are now days more accepted by the population due to pollution related issues. Email us your resume on careers managementparadise.

This could force it to move production to higher-cost locations such as the United States. Use PEST to brainstorm the changes happening around you.

Pest Analysis On Nokia

As a result, there have been establishments of environmental pressure groups, noise controls, and regulations on waste control and disposal.

How could this change government or regional policy? Economic Factors Economy in tells the production and consumption of goods and services. The company has four main business functions or segments: Chinese market is a stable political environment. Nowadays, the global market trends to connect PC and mobile phone, even though to combine these two products together.

Pestle Analysis of Nokia

How is this likely to change in the next few years? With incomes rising, people have more disposable income, which enables consumers to be more selective with their choice of mobile phone, looking to other factors rather than fulfilling the most basic of user needs text messaging and phone calls and price being such a key factor.

In particular, Nokia seems to lack the research and development capabilities that have enabled these companies to develop new devices and tap new markets. The Finnish government offers goods facilities for taking this opportunity.

Technological Factors Technology change defines how fast technology advances. Nokia needs to confirm that where it can set its business operations to get maximum profit. Nokia has not been able to significantly tap the potentially lucrative market for other kinds of mobile devices such as tablets and wearable technology.Company Analysis of NOKIA PEST ANALYSIS Nokia, While market deterioration has had an inevitable impact on Nokia's sales growth, 5/5(7).

Nokia produce mobile We have a selection of PEST, PESTEL and PESTLE analysis examples for you exists that does require government intervention such as India. Table of Contents Nokia PESTEL analysis of mobile phone manufacturer Nokia accounted for ninety one percent of GSM camera phone sales globally.

PEST Analysis of Nokia

Pest Analysis Nokia. PEST ANALYSIS.

PESTLE Analysis of India in five Steps

India in spite of the recession had a growing economy and hence this contributed to increased sales of handsets. Essay on Pest Analysis of Paint Industry in India; retail as an industry in India is coming alive. Retail sales Pest Analysis Nokia Essay. PEST ANALYSIS. Do you really want to delete this prezi?

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Pest analysis of nokia sales in india
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