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During this period, homeownership rates reached an all-time high and prior to the civil rights era, non whites and blacks were consistently discriminated against in many facets of life, including efforts to obtain housing Freeman, Galster and Mincy found that the largest increases in poverty concentration during the s took place in smaller metropolitan areas and that the relative poverty among whites was three times the rate of growth among blacks.

In most areas, Hispanic-white segregation remains low and exposure to whites is meaningful, despite explosive population growth Charles, Reid, and Robert M.

Having benefited more from civil rights gains that included affirmative action policies as well as antidiscrimination legislation, Wilson argued, middle- and working-class blacks were able to take Patterns and trends essay of residential opportunities outside of the ghetto.

This teamed together can lead to differences in health and well-being. I have also discussed home equity and Patterns and trends essay inequality amongst blacks and whites. The political obstacles to any such policy changes are great Conley, If the data is from the internet, which nowadays is so often used, a number of questions are asked such as: Black, Hispanic, and Asian segregation, isolation and exposure to whites from the 50 largest regions in changed between and Charles, Introducing a Measurement Procedure for Comparative Study.

Aspirations and Attainment in a Low-Income Neighborhood. I am going to look into how these affect health. But the potential benefits to society are greater Conley, Racially discriminatory appraisal practices result in the undervaluation of properties in minority neighborhoods, causing lenders to reject mortgagees even when willing buyers and sellers had agreed to the price, thus further isolating minorities in segregated communities Schwemm ; Pittenger Due to this it makes and research inconclusive as the questions arise of is it down to the poor living conditions that they have poor health.

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I have also reviewed the literature on inner city poverty concentration which is caused by segregation. Trends in Hispanic and Asian segregation are different than those observed for blacks Charles, As well as this, primary data can also be a cause for problem as the official sources may not provide an accurate representation of the pattern regarding health and illness.

All these left unanswered cause for unrealisable statistics. Therefore, not only do racially segregated housing markets hinder the efforts of blacks to become homeowners, but also those individuals who manage to buy a house may find that it is worth less than a comparable house owned by a white person purely because it is located in an African American neighborhood Conely It also improves the equitable distribution of the benefits of growth and enhances quality Patterns and trends essay life.

Black Inner-City Poverty Concentration Segregation and social isolation concentrates poverty in African American inner-city communities and as a result limit blacks from obtaining social upward mobility and economic enhancement Wilson, They analyse this data by age, social class, gender and location of where the data is from and often make a comparison and study if there is a trend.

Risk Behaviour which is certain forms of behaviour which are shown to be associated with increased susceptibility to a certain disease of ill-health.

For example, increases in population had profound effects on children born to already impoverished families or to single women who were jobless and whose opportunities for employment were greatly diminished by their lack of a partner Jankowski, It seemed that some of the main causes of this were class and ethnicity.

University of California Press. At the same time, segregation declined enough in some mid-size regions with sizable black populations to be characterized as not extreme or moderate.

In28 percent of whites resided in central cities, compared to 55 percent who lived in the suburbs Conely Segregation is higher in some regions of the country and lower in others.

Property has the quality of picking up the social value conferred upon an object. Age which is how old an individual is when the data is recorded. Moreover, given the large number of minorities and the increasing number of whites who are willing to enter integrated and mixed communities, programs that support stable integration at all levels of social class should also be pursued which include a the expansions of Gautreaux-type programs as an alternative to traditional public housing b aggressive public relations campaigns and community betterment projects that promote attractiveness of integrated neighborhoods, and c affirmative marketing and pro-integrative mortgage incentives that encourage blacks to enter predominantly white neighborhoods and whites to enter racially mixed neighborhoods EllenYinger, There are many ways to measure patterns of ill health; these include mortality, morbidity, health events, disease incidence, disease prevalence and health surveillance.

Introduction/Residential Patterns and Trends Essay Sample Residential segregation is a systematic process that divides, alienates and separates individuals and households residentially on the. Free Essay: Understanding patterns and trends in health and illness among different social groupings Measuring health Statistics regarding health and illness.

GET EVEN A BETTER ESSAY WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON Understanding Patterns and Trends in Health TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR. In a four to six paragraph essay, What are the key dynamics that have driven the development of these patterns and trends?

P3 – Explain patterns and trends in health and illness among different social grouping For this essay I will explain the different patterns and trends in health and illness.

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