Past papers on sociology

For example, feminists have criticised television production companies for showing women in stereotypical roles. Assess the notion that there is a strong correlation between gender and criminality! However, other sociologists disagree with this view.

In the Caribbean, imprisonment as a form of punishment has failed to change the individual. More recently, Cumberbatch found that, despite women featuring strongly in television programmes such as soap operas, men now fill 65 per cent of all broadcast roles.

Discuss this assumption with reference to any Named Caribbean territory. Is it true to state that Poverty in the Caribbean is the result of the failure of governments to allocate resources equitably?

Discuss the relvance of this assumption with reference to any named Caribbean society. With reference to any named Caribbean territory highlight the merits and de-merits of this assertion.

There are even differences in news and current affairs on-street interviews, where women are asked for their opinion only a third as frequently as men. With reference to the unilinear theory of development discuss its suitability to explaining the development of Caribbean territories.

In the Caribbean there is a subculture of delinquency. Caribbean working-class males are more likely to be arrested, tried and imprisoned, as opposed to males from the higher status groups. Some also criticise the media for failing to tackle difficult issues and for continuing to put forward representations of certain groups that reinforce and perpetuate stereotypes.

For example, news broadcasts form the key element of many TV channel schedules. The growth of new media has produced a new range of issues and has challenged some of the traditional theories of the media. Over the past few decades there has been considerable interest in the relationship between the mass media and gender.

Sociology Previous Years (Past) Papers (PDF) for CBSE (UGC) NET from 1995-2018

Using ONE named Caribbean territory and appropriate theory, assess the factors which may account for the increase in criminal activity in the Caribbean. The mass media have an important infl uence in society today and many governments have imposed regulations to try to limit or control this infl uence.

Critically examine this statement with reference to Caribbean territories. Critically evaluate this statement. The selection and presentation of the news are important features of most media outlets. Sociological research on ethnicity, disability, gender, social class and age has revealed significant stereotyping by the media.

For example, minority ethnic groups and young people are often represented as a source of social problems. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the Human Capital theory in its application to Caribbean societies. Some argue that women generally have less power and hold fewer key decision-making jobs in the media industries than men.

Evaluate this statement with reference to relevant socialogical theory and empirical evidence. The Caribbean region has been noted to be an area of high levels of migration. In understanding how the mass media work and influence our society, much attention has been given to the process of stereotyping.

Such representations include those of women, certain minority ethnic groups, age groups and those with disabilities. Deviance is functional for Caribbean societies. Can the age-sex composition of a population influence its potential for development?

A large working class ensure a reserve army of labour.

IGCSE Sociology 0495 Past Papers

Many sociologists argue that material presented by the media is partial and biased. Criminal behaviour is NOT innate, it is learned! Does ethnicity predispose an individual towards criminality?

A and As Level Sociology 9699 Past Papers

However, such labelling may bring in bigger audiences or sell more newspapers. Can fertility control measures contribute to enhanced socio-economic development in Caribbean territories?Past papers and marking instructions.

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Past papers on sociology
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