Overview of motivation and its theories business essay

On the other hand, IKEA follows the three assumptions under Theory Y which are 1 people view work as being as natural as play and rest 2 people will exercise self-direction and control towards achieving objectives they are committed to and 3 people learn to accept and seek responsibility.

By properly understanding human behavior and adjusting company policies according to them, IKEA was able to put into action such assumptions.

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Maslow theory suggests that people have different needs, which can be grouped and ordered to display relative importance, and that within each person there is a hierarchy of needs and the individual must satisfy each level before they move onto the next.

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Now, employees need motivation because it gives them more reason to work, other than the fact that they need to earn their fixed salaries. They are aware that benefits and a fun work environment would allow employees to feel at ease and aim for a higher goal.

The IKEA way is to have a unique company culture - firmly grounded in values such as simplicity, respect, development, responsibility, innovative thinking, diversity, humility, and leadership by example. The content theories focus on the important factors of needs and what motivates. Regarding the physiological and safety aspect, they assured their work environment is one where they are not in danger and are being employed properly.

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Maslow theory proposes that once a lower level of need has been satisfied it is no longer becomes a motivator and the needs of the next upper level necessitate satisfaction and become the motivating factor. Furthermore this should not occur according to Maslow as people who are in financial hardship are failing to meet physiological needs such as shelter and food McLeod This is where motivation comes in.

In the end, no matter what theory IKEA used or uses, their method is undeniably successful and beneficial to their employees. IKEA seems to be fully aware of these things and in order to prevent it, they offer bonuses and benefits to the employees. Content theories try to clarify the specific things that actually motivate the employee at work and are concerned with the identification of their strengths and needs, and the goals they seek in order to fulfil their needs.

It is important to understand employee behavior because without this, companies would definitely lose profit and gain a deficit in their output.

Theories of Motivation Essay

As an example, later in this paper, the structure of a famous company would be analyzed and their methods of motivation shall be discussed. It showed a pyramid. We can offer an environment with no barriers between management and coworkers, where everyone is part of the team.

Food, shelter, sexual satisfaction i. It clearly said that if an employee senses an inequity, such shall result to: It is based on how much an effort an individual wants to put towards a task.

But of course, in every method, there is a downside. Each of these theories focuses on how a past behavior can have an effect on future behaviors or how behaviors are created by past experiences. The need for self respect, status and recognition from others.

The past experiences help to have an idea what can be accomplished but I think there is more to it than just knowing you had a desired outcome before.

The answer to that is motivation. So many things led to the state of this international success.Motivation Theories () outlined by the Faculty of Information Studies of the University of Toronto listed a few theories that could very well explain the phenomenon of IKEA’s employee motivation.

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From a review of motivational theory, ‘Mitchel’ pinpoints four common traits that are intrinsic in defining Motivation (Mitchel) Motivation is typified as an individual phenomenon. Every person is unique and all the major theories of motivation in one way or another allow for. Feb 12,  · Motivation Theory Essay The theory that I have chosen is “drive”.

Drive is the third grand theory. (definition) I will relate how this theory would. Motivation Theories Essay - Motivation is defined as “the desire to achieve a goal or a certain performance level” (Bauer & Erdogen,p). Motivation theories are useful tools that organizations can use to energize employees and foster a stimulating work environment.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Motivation theories are primarily divided into two major types which are the content theories and the process theories. This report aims to critically evaluate two process theories of motivation which is the Expectancy Theory by Victor Vroom and the Equity Theory by John Stacy Adams.

Theories of Motivation Introduction into motivation In this essay the writer is going to explore the concept of motivation, this is hopefully going to be achieved through exploration of the complex and variable nature of needs and expectations.

Overview of motivation and its theories business essay
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