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Diagonal use of hatching adds to this sense of shape and construction. Another difference in the way these artists approach the similar subject matter can be seen in their choice of color.

More essays like this: All galleries found on the main level are arranged in a row so that a person can walk down one side and up the other side of each wing and be able to see everything Deioma, These artists, both born inwere part of the same German Expressionist movement, but belonged to different schools of the movement.

The Norton Simon Museum of Art. A difference in brushstroke is also very noticeable between these two paintings. One striking difference between these two paintings is the concept of texture, and how paint is applied.

The nudes interact and intertwine with their surrounding landscape. There are many shades of light pink, purple, blue, yellow, and green. The figures are Norton simon museum essay example angular and block-like.

Sparing some time to watch the orientation films being shown throughout the day provides one with an added insight and understanding of the collection. Marc uses light pastel colors with a lot of white. There is no realistic sense of scale between the characters and their surroundings, which is emphasized by the irrational curve of the horizon.

Marc tends to use thick brush strokes that vary in length. The work by Marc was completed inthree years prior to the piece by Kirchner, which he completed in In the painting by Marc the figures are very curved and flowing. For instance, one of the films shown is a 30 minute documentary with reference to Norton Simon and his obsession for art; while the other 20 minutes film segments are created by PBS special in relation to Sister Wendy at the Norton Simon Museum.

The Museum also builds up provisional exhibitions that centers on a certain artistic period or art movement, focus on a particular artist, or deal with a particular piece of art that is indigenous to a specific country or region.

Another difference can be seen in the interaction of color between the figures and the landscape. Kirchner accomplishes a color scheme that implies a tribal sense of realism and connection to the environment. Being a musician myself I constantly find myself making the comparison between visual and aural art.

The figures themselves are short and chubby, and seem to be depicted in a dance like motion. Taking this course really opened my eyes to what can be accomplished in visual art. My trip to the Norton Simon Museum was a great chance to get an up close and personal experience with the art that we have been studying.

This gives the work a sense of fantasy and illusion. Both works are oil paintings on canvas and similarly sized. The second level is the lower level, which is made up of an extensive collection of architectural features and works of arts from the south Asian. In addition, impermanent exhibit galleries may also be found downstairs, with the three sculpture gardens being accessed from both the lower and the middle level Norton Simon Museum The colors swirl together, and the entire painting seems to be engaging in one fluid motion.

Both expressionists also differ when it comes to the form of the figures and their surrounding landscape. The figures just seem to be placed in the environment without interaction. Long curved brushstrokes are used to create the figures, which results in an abstract, yet lifelike representation of the human contour.

Kirchner takes a different approach and uses more earthbound colors, exhibiting dark greens, blues, and browns in the landscape, and earthly shades of orange and brown for the figures. My opinions and views on modern art prior to taking this course can be compared to those that I see of amateur music listeners.As I entered the Norton Simon Museum, the first exhibit I saw was a sketch done by the famous Pop artist Andy Warhol.

The Norton Simon Museum Essay Sample

The drawing was of canned tomatoes by Val Vita, a company that Simon owned, and was commissioned for Simon's birthday by his sister.

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Norton Simon Museum

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Free Essay: A Day at the Norton Simon Museum It was the day of April 13, I woke up at exactly 12 o’clock because my boyfriend was to pick me up at 1.

Norton simon museum essay example
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