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The commander of the army, Edward Burlesonrecommended a retreat instead. Maverick barely survived drowning and lost all of his papers.

Twiggs for the peaceful surrender of Federal garrisons in Texas. By the time the special session concluded, the Battle of the Alamo had concluded, and the Alamo defenders were all dead.

Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Louis Republic, apparently in response to an appeal to persons having sure information about the matter to convey their accounts to the editor.

The elder Maverick offered to give the newlyweds his plantation, but Maverick refused as he wished to return to Texas. One can reasonably doubt that a man who was not in the cattle business and who did not work with or live near his herd would have been engaged in branding strays.

Shortly afterward, he accompanied Philip N.

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After recovering, he returned to Alabama to help his sister. Later that day, Comanches raided the camp and killed all but one person, who was scalped. While his name is among those omitted from the print published version, his signature clearly appears on page 11 of the hand-written original as "Saml.

The Mexican government believed that the colonists were preparing to revolt and hand Texas to the United States.

Bonham declined to accept his nomination, and Jesse Badgett was elected in his place. On behalf of the men, Maverick complained about the almost non-existent food rations and was rewarded with solitary confinement on January 5, As he was bringing the land documents home in Junethe boat he was in capsized.

The cattle were subsequently moved from the Gulf coast to the Conquista Ranch on the San Antonio River, still under the management of the same family, and left to multiply, graze, and wander away.

He returned home at the end of the year.

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Luckett and another Texas commissioner of safety to negotiate with U. March Learn how and when to remove this template message Maverick steadfastly refused to brand his cattle.

Maverick recounted that inMr. As a result, the word maverick entered the English lexicon, meaning both an unbranded range animal as well as a slang term for someone who exhibits a streak of stubborn independence.

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The accounts conveyed by other contributors have been left unaltered, to be taken, together with Mrs. To officially transfer the title, Maverick had to go to San Felipeand he spent the next several months traveling up and down the Brazos River from San Felipe looking for more land to buy.

Before he could escort the goods to San Antonio, a band of Indians led by Buffalo Hump raided Linnville and destroyed all of the supplies. Maverick served once again as mayor of San Antonio from to After the Civil War was over, he helped John H.

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Nevertheless, he voted for secession as a member of the convention. He was also a member of the Finance, Public Lands and Indian Affairs committees, as well as the committee on Foreign Relations, which castigated Houston for not providing information to the Congress on his annexation negotiations with the United States.

By the end of the year, Maverick owned full title to 4, acres At Yale, he was known as "Sam". A Maverick from Bejar. Reagan to reorganize the Democratic Party.

In Septemberhis sister Ann Caroline died of yellow fever. Maverick had little interest in the cattle, and Mrs.

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The men held their own election, and chose Maverick and James Butler Bonhamwho had worked as a lawyer in Pendleton at the same time as Maverick. March The neutrality of this article is disputed. After a brief stop in Seguinthey moved on to Gonzales, and squatted in a house left empty when the owners had fled in the Runaway.

Inthe Maverick family expanded with the birth of another daughter, Lydia. Maverick added a clause specifying that previously granted contracts would be forfeited if their terms were not met in the future.

The record suggests that it was nothing more than lack of interest in property he never wanted that led to his name becoming associated with one of the most enduring terms of the Old West and a natural subject for every manner of speculation and inventive tale.May 20,  · Watch video · Maverick is recreated from the character James Garner created in the s TV program.

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Maverick case
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