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The women in Lysistrata complain that the men are away at war for too long, and that they are being deprived of sex - this scenario is not merely fantasy, but must have been a familiar feeling to most, if not all adult Athenians. The plot of Lysistrata is reasonably easy to summarise.

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If they wanted to express their views they were either told to shut up or threatened to do so. The center of Lysistratas comedy is that it shows women acting bravely, even aggressively, against men who seem resolved on ruining the city. Lysistratathe power of sex essay is a foreshadowing of the main plotline, in which the women, using their only real source of power orchestrate the sexual starvation of the men.

In the play Lysistrata, women have absolutely no political rights.

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Lysistrata wants to end the long war for it is taking a toll against the wives of the soldiers and the whole of Greece. The play Lysistrata is a feminist tale that takes place in a time before there was a term and definition for feminism.

She wanted to do what was best for the woman. Lysistrata always knew what was going on politically, her husband just wouldn t let her speak her mind. Lysisitrata persuades the women of Athens to withdraw all sexual favours from the men until the men agree to end to war with Sparta.

It is too important a matter to be left to men, for women are it s real victims. She talks about how women should be allowed to enjoy their youth, the burdens they must bear as a result of war both mentally and physically.

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They are lobbying for peace by way of violence and sex strike. Role reversal is Lysistratas true humour because to imagine a woman in a multifaceted role was insane.

The view of politics in Lysistrata is somewhat different. Albeit in Lysistrata the women are shown as revolutionaries rising up against the men, women in classical Greece were never like that. This shows the fictional element of the play, as in Aristophanes time in Athens, both women and men were known to have numerous adulterous affairs, and if the sex strike were to be successful, then the mistresses and all such people would have to be striking also.

However, to truly tap into the audiences minds, Aristophanes needed to include something that they all had in common and were familiar with.Critical essays on lysistrata. S. It’s well-known that Lysistrata persuades her fellow female Athenians to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands and lovers.

Sex provides the women with power that they did not use to have. At last, the war is stopped by the men warriors and peace, which all the Athenian women have desired to set. Essay on Lysistrata Aristophanes’ Lysistrata is a masterful comedy about sex, war and gender.

Its main comedic device partly fails in our modern interpretation because of our more balanced views of women in the 21st century. Essay Gender Issues In Lysistrata. Words 8 Pages.

Show More. This abstinence gave the women the upper hand and the power to demand peace. The men could no longer come home from battle have sex and then leave. Lysistrata and The Importance of Being Ernest comparative essay. Lysistrata is a play that was set in.

Dec 10,  · View and download lysistrata essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your lysistrata essay. When they finally showed up, Lysistrata presented her plan for peace: no sex until the wars ceased.

She eventually convinced all of the other women that this was the only way to bring peace to the land. Essay on Lysistrata Words | 3 Pages.

Lysistrata is a play written in BC by Aristophanes. At that time in Greek history, the city-states were constantly warring with one another.

Consequently, the women were left at home. One woman, Lysistrata, was so fed up with the fighting that she called all of the women of Greece to a meeting.

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