Literature review on autism spectrum disorders

Outcome of early intervention for children with autism. These three areas include social impairment, communication difficulties, and repetitive and stereotyped behaviors.

The following perinatal factors were investigated in this study: They also found that sensory integration therapy significantly decreases non-engaged behaviors, or behaviors where the child is not interacting or minimally interacting with their environment.

Data was collected from these women, which included age of menarche first menstrual cyclecharacteristics of menstrual cycle during adolescence, use of birth control, specifically oral contraceptives, prior to have given birth, body shape, and body mass index BMI. Grades will also be assessed both before the intervention and during the intervention period.

This type of therapy is based on the principles of operant conditioning. An example of a stereotyped behavior might be a simple gesture of the arm that is repeatedly done by the child.

This study assessed whether self-management could be used as a technique to improve extended responsiveness to verbal initiations from others, without the presence of a treatment provider. This may be an attempt to try and regulate their sensory systems.

Students will return to school after their break and will not receive any therapy for three weeks. Recently, there has been research on the hypotheses that maternal early life factors associated with hormone levels may have some correlation with being at risk of having a child with ASD.

Also included were newborn complications such as birth weight, delayed crying, and abnormal skin color due to an array of conditions such a hypoxia, apnoea, neonatal jaundice, and several other conditions Hertz-Piccottio et al.

American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 53, — Children with autism often have one subject or interest that they tend to overly focus on.

Observations of the participants will be made in the classroom, both before the intervention period and during the intervention period. The effects of occupational therapy with sensory integration emphasis on preschool-age children with autism.

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 40, Early intervention, a behavioral analytic treatment for autism, is an intensive behavioral therapy that is started as soon as a child is diagnosed with autism, usually before age 5.

This study focused on possible perinatal risk factors for autism, as well as the associations between parental psychiatric history and socioeconomic status and the risk of having a child with autism.

Reviews of Assistive and Adaptive Technology for People on the Autism Spectrum

While there is a great deal of research that has been done on the sensory integration approach as a treatment for children with autism and the efficacy of this treatment in improving certain social behaviors, there is not much literature on the effects of sensory integration therapy on grades and school performance of children with autism.

The sensory integration approach aims to help children with autism improve their sensory processing and modulation.i CBT and Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Comprehensive Literature Review Sharon R. Kincade, M.C. (Master of Counselling)1 Saint John, New Brunswick. Autism, Asperger's & Theory of Mind A Literature Asperger's, a condition on the autism spectrum with no delays in spectrum of disorders, from.

Literature Review on Autism Spectrum Disorders Essay

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living with autism spectrum disorders a review of literature concerning autism spectrum.

Endosomal system genetics and autism spectrum disorders: A literature review.

Select list of scientific reviews of interventions, treatments and therapies for autism spectrum disorders which use assistive and adaptive technology.

Literature review on autism spectrum disorders
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