Letters letter-writing and other intimate discourse on method

The videos then were being screened at a different venue separately. We could of course think of the installation as a format for this as well, but there is something about the format of the letter that makes you want to read it out loud.

One can consider that the inclusion of the videos is embedded within a curatorial narrative, and treats the videos in the same way that the other archival and fictive material in the rest of the lecture performance.

What we really needed is a mutable format that allows us to include letters, images and video. You mention the problems of the mediation of foreign wars in Western context, the time difference contributing to a sense of dislocation.

Even still, I took more from the unfinished Rules than I did the Discourse. To read his works is to understand core ideas held by the western mind.

Though no longer widely accepted in contemporary philosophy, one has to appreciate, if not entirely admire, Descartes was so much more than cogito ergo sum, the realized existence theory that is bashed into our brains by countless Philosophy professors and teachers at the moment of our birth into facilitated critical thinking, and this text of his collected works proves his effective while dated means of looking at life and thought through the lens of a mathematic and scientific method.

How do sound, music, and image interact with spoken word? We are aware of, and of course critical of, the Hollywood version of love where the love story is only a cover or a distraction from political issues, presenting a pseudo-cathartic event, promulgating the individual protagonist who saves the day while a total absence of political engagement.

How do you view the relationship between fact and fiction, and what does the fictional allow in terms of reading history or the present?

Discourse on Method and Related Writings

The work grew out of a format that we use all the time to communicate, namely the letter. The role of the performance lecture plays an important part of your work together.

The temporal leaps you perform in the pieces, and later in the pure fiction of the Love Letter to Mars performance, insert the fictional into the historical. I just believe that a rational logical argumentation must center around observable fact not assumed faith.

She has co-curated a number of exhibitions, which include: A supremely modern text, his "Methods. But of course we are taking this delayed relation as a metaphor for a delayed relation to historical events, as being alienated from history and its remnants. The performances are very literary in their content and focus.

At the end of each performance we try to withdraw and retreat into the space of the audience to watch the last video among them, so that we break the sense of the usual end of a lecture, or a performance The letter format is really the process of making the lecture performance for us, which entails a conversation and an exchange of images, a remembrance or listening to music, and the enunciation thereafter of this process to an audience that we hope will somehow embody our story, the way we do.

Image copyright the artist, courtesy Yazan Khalili and Lara Khaldi. In this conversation, Khalili and Khaldi discuss the letter in their performances, from Love Letter to a Uniona performed letter with visual accompaniment conflating decades to chart both a relationship and the failure of Pan Arabism, and Love Letter to Marsa letter written in to an astronaut friend when the earth is dying.

Letter Writing

There is a beautiful blend of the political and personal in your lectures, especially with lines such as: We see love as a political event where there is risk; in a biopolitical age where everything is planned and decided for us, love is uncalculated and unpredictable.

Political geography is actually the enacting of separation. All analysis and argumentation relies on the existance of God. Download PDF Artist Yazan Khalili and curator Lara Khaldi collaborate to produce performance lectures that draw together image, text, archive, film and sound through the epistolary form.

To be embodied rather than mediated?comm final study guide by hmkuenzel includes 97 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. A Letter’s Discourse Yazan Khalili and Lara Khaldi in conversation with Natasha Hoare.

Natasha Hoare. staging leaps between temporalities and geographies, bridging the intimate and political. Read Lara Khaldi's essay 'Letters to Naeem Mohaiemen' here. Marriage, the Letter and the Novel: Letter Writing as an Analogy for the Portrayal of Marriage in Emma and Sense and Sensibility by Alison Blair Oreh A thesis presented for the B.



degree. Using a corpus of about letters written during the time that Batswana was a British protectorate (–) by and to the British administrators on one hand, and letters written to and by Batswana (natives of Botswana) on the other hand, this paper explores the main differences and similarities between letter writing by Batswana and by the British.

This edition sets the Discourse on Method in the wider context of Descartes' work, with the Rules for Guiding One's Intelligence in Searching for the Truth (), extracts from The World () and selected letters from /5(2).

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Letters letter-writing and other intimate discourse on method
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