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I gave our flower fairy two options for her headwear. The night happened in a blur. A very large handful, however, took the next stage very seriously. The very, very first thing that inspired this wedding was my insane desire to have a book arch.

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This wedding would not have been possible without the incredible support of our friends and families. This was the very first time I decided to film a little bit of every day in November in This wedding was just getting started.

If and when I publish or self-publish, it will be available to all. Remember, this is totally optional. Every table succeeded in lighting up their lanterns, and some people dropped off after that in favor of chatting and drinking.

This very quickly became a tradition that people seemed to really love. This is my pep talk video that breaks down 5 ways to get your novel written.

When it came to planning this wedding, I wanted to do something that really and truly represented Joe and I as a couple, highlighting the things we each love — but moreso the things we love together.

Then, in keeping with the theme, the very first thing guests saw upon entering the venue was this large book sign, welcoming them inside. We also veered pretty far from tradition and threw in a few of our own… like rolling for initiative to see who got to say their vows first during the ceremony.

Recent posts by Kristina Horner Share. To see all of my videos over on YouTube, go here. This is probably a good place to start. These days I work in tech, managing community projects and transmedia activations for Microsoft, and I spend much less time on the internet than I used to.

Once guests were able to open this final box thus completing their adventure and arriving at the wedding of Queen Kristina and King Joethey were able to take a wedding favor as their prize.

It started with our invitations, which looked like little novels. But apparently, they like us a lot, because they helped us pull off this ridiculous, gargantuan thing and they still want to hang out with us today.

We gave our wedding party different role names, because everything about weddings is so formal and weird and we wanted to fix that.Dec 02,  · I filmed this video every day of November to document my process of writing a novel in 30 days.

If you want to see my videos like this from previous yea. Kristina is a book obsessed, novel-writing, costume-making, project managing lover of all things cute.

Kristina & Joe

This blog is a snapshot of a married girl working in the tech industry and living her best nerdy life. Business and writing enquiries to [email protected] please.

YouTube Digest; Gazette Gatherings; Tools. Archive; RSS; notes. March 19, Luke Conard in Alleged Sexual Abuse, Branded an “Emotional Manipulator” and “Borderline Sociopath” prominent YouTuber and web series actress and producer Kristina Horner.

I'm Kristina Horner, formerly an online personality who made YouTube videos, had a wizard rock band, and wrote a lot of terrible Harry Potter fanfiction. From aboutI was a busy bee of a self-employed content creator, and I loved every minute of it. Certificate, YA Fiction Writing Certificate, YA Fiction Writing – Completed a Certificate in YA Fiction Writing, which was a course that took students through the stages of story structure, writing a first draft, editing, and peer fresh-air-purifiers.comry: Online Media.

Whether these two paragraphs taken together constitute a contradiction is arguable, It’s noticeable that, compared to the detailed accounts of Horner and Milam, he doesn’t seem to directly mention any specific event or, well, anything in detail.

Kristina horner writing a business
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