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In this line, Thoreau talks about how he can learn from nature and how nature helps him truly live. McCandless follows this to heart for he does not accept any kind of luxury or materialistic opportunity. His journey ended with an attempt to hike the formidable Stampede Trail in Alaska and live off the land.

He has a great respect for nature and its spiritual connection with God, and therefore talks about it often.

John Krakauer is a mountain climber who spent time exploring the Alaskan wilderness alone. This is another reason why many people believe that Chris McCandless is a Transcendentalist.

McCandless mirrors the typical Transcendentalist because he prefers solitude over socializing, believing that being alone is a much more meaningful and spiritual experience. Many Transcendentalists have done the same thing, and have written about how nature can help teach people and help them gain ideas.

Transcendentalist ideas had a major influence on later movements that attempted to rebel against society and return to nature, including the counterculture and environmentalist movements of the s and s. Transcendentalism Both Chris McCandless and John Krakauer were heavily influenced by the philosophy of transcendentalism, a 19th-century movement believed in the goodness of the individual as compared to society and championed a return to nature and self-reliance.

Into the Wild & Transcendentalism

Many people, including myself, would consider Chris McCandless to be a Transcendentalist. His two-year descent into the furthest margins of society baffled and fascinated many, including author Jon Krakauer.

He mentions that God is the one that has placed all these possibilities of happiness around people, and that Franz must seize the moment in order to make his time on Earth worth it. At an age when most upper-class kids begin their arduous climb toward becoming the next big thing, Christopher McCandless went in the opposite direction—he became a nobody.

Krakauer acknowledges his own obsession in the introduction, and his crafting of the story raises its own questions. McCandless practices the idea of minimalism again when Jan Burres, a friend McCandless has met during his trip, urges him to take some long underwear and other warm clothing when he is getting ready to leave: Credit is due to the writings of Emerson and his disciple Henry David Thoreau, who would become two of the most important American literary figures of the 19th century.

McCandless travels throughout North America, following three main Transcendentalist ideals: Many other Transcendentalists, including Thoreau, feel the same way about nature. Christopher McCandless, who also goes by Alexander Supertramp, often alienates himself from society; such as avoiding intimate relationships with other people.

Much of what we know about how the ancient Greeks developed and evaluated tragedy comes from Aristotle—or so some think. This philosophical movement also has a major religious and nature aspect.

Money is also considered a gateway to acquiring luxury and practicing materialism, which is why McCandless wastes no second of destroying it. Charlie, a man who McCandless has briefly acquainted himself with during his journey, reports his observations that McCandless is not much of a people person: Christopher McCandless follows the Transcendentalist lifestyle by detaching himself from society, living with only essentials, and following his religion full-heartedly.Into the Wild Homework Help Questions.

From Into the Wild, how is transcendentalism important to Chris McCandless?

Into the Wild Critical Essays

Chris considered himself a student of Henry David Thoreau, the second most. Transcendentalism has been felt by all humans at one point or another, the outcome all depends on whether or not this feeling is acted upon. Various sources have all explored transcendentalism and its effects / outcomes, and these sources have ranged from songs, to poems, to books, and even movies.

Into The Wild: Was Chris McCandless A Transcendentalist - With A Free Essay Review - Free Essay Reviews. Transcendentalism in Into The Wild, by John Krakauer - Transcendentalism has been felt by all humans at one point or another, the outcome all depends on whether or not this feeling is acted upon.

Into The Wild Synthesis Essay - All of these variables resulted in Chris despising the society from which he benefited from.

This led him to. John Krakauer's 'Into the Wild' has often been called an example of modern transcendentalism as it wrestles with similar themes found in the works.

Into the Wild is a film that was made in telling the story of a young college graduate, Christopher McCandless, who sojourns through woods and rapids mostly alone to discover himself and escape the conformity from the society he lives in.

Chris McCandless is a prime demonstration of transcendental ideas in the movie. Non-Conformity The .

Into the wild transcendentalism essay
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