How to write a surprise party invitation

If it is for a birthday party make sure to include who it is for and age they are celebrating. You can easily prevent that by stating clearly on the invitation that the party must be kept secret.

Come celebrate at [name] [age] Surprise Birthday Party. Here are some samples of wording for the front of the party invitations: Join us on [day of week], [date] at [time]. Join us for a surprise [age] birthday celebration in honor of [name]. If they need to dress a certain way or bring anything with them to the party make sure you communicate that clearly on the invitation and provide this information as a reminder during the RSVP call.

A buffet dinner and beverages will be served. Shop around and decide on a style that fits the theme of your surprise party. Always test one invitation to see how it looks before sending them out.

The below infographic provides some interesting statistics and facts about the aging population in the United States. To help keep this big event a secret, the following surprise birthday party invitations will let your guests know the intent of the party ahead of time.

Always include the day of the week as well. Create a special email address for RSVPs or let people know they should call you, not the happy couple.

Tell the recipients what the event is for. The champagne is poured. RSVP at partytime gmail. Reaching a milestone anniversary is worthy of a celebration with family and friends. We have a surprise for someone you know, We want you to come and be part of the show!

In addition to the obvious information like date, time and location. For instance Sunday, May 22nd from 2: Join us for a surprise [age] birthday party for [name]. If your celebration is centered around a specific theme which you expect your guests to take part in be clear on the invitation.Quick Answer.

The wording for a surprise party invitation should implicitly state that the party needs to be a surprise, in addition to information concerning the location, time, date and RSVP contact numbers.

The MOST IMPORTANT PART of a Surprise birthday invitation is that it CLEARLY states the party is a SURPRISE party! You can even write it a few times or decorate the Surprise birthday invitation in a way that no one will miss it.

16 Surprise Birthday Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Once you’ve chosen the invitation for your surprise party, use the online design tool to finalize the last aesthetic details. Pick out your preferred fonts as well as a new digital backdrop and envelope liner for your message—the unveiling of your completed design won’t be the only surprise that night.

Remember it’s a surprise. A birthday is near But keep it hush, hush. Let’s celebrate with a party and make the birthday girl blush.

Surprise Anniversary Party Invitations and Wording Ideas

Please join us for [name] Surprise Birthday Party. A great party is planned. You’re invited, too. Just keep it a secret cause [name] doesn’t have a clue. Come celebrate at [name] [age] Surprise Birthday Party. Apr 19,  · How to Write a Birthday Invitation.

Birthday parties are fun for kids and adults of all ages, and creating an invitation is an important step in the party planning process, because invitations ensure people know to attend%(28). Teaser: A fun way to get the party started before the actual celebration day is to list a fun teaser or hint on the party invitation.

If you have a game planned for the party you could give away a hint on the invitation.

How to write a surprise party invitation
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