Health extra credit

Project 4 Check out the web site listed below. Students may read a Health Journal article and fill in the attached form for extra credit. They are also found online at: Project 2 Write a one page essay about why you think our ability to make choices is the thing that has the greatest impact on our health.

You definition of fitness Benefits of being fit now and later in life Challenges you face in your life now and later in achieving fitness As you know, there are 5 fitness components- muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular, flexibility and body composition.

Extra Credit: our wellness education grants program

Students must turn the paper in to Mrs. Pretend that you are teaching a family member or friend how to do the skill. Tell me what you learned from each article minimum of five sentences for each. Using paragraphs, choose 2 of the fitness components that you think are the most important to have and WHY.

Being fit is a difficult thing to achieve because it takes dedication, determination and work ethic. Include in your paper, the following: In other words, explain why being a good sport and good human is such an important skill. Students may receive extra credit at any time by doing one of the following projects: Include, activities and training you would do to achieve those fitness components.

Extra credit must be turned in 1. In order to get full credit for this project I need to be able to tell from your work that you put some thought and effort into what you submit. Create a new Google doc and title it "Extra Credit Choose any that you find the most interesting. If you have any questions please contact Mrs.

Explain why this is an important skill to have now and later on in life. Choose a specific skill that we have done in class.

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Each complete assignment will replace your lowest grade. Write a one page essay about what you learned.

See Documents page for extra credit options 3. Type paragraphs about being fit. Explain how common each disease is, what the signs and symptoms are, what complications can occur, and how to treat them.

If the article is from a website also include a link to the article. Include the object of the game, basic rules, fouls, penalties, 3 important skills and 4 strategies used. Make sure to state how this will benefit you personally and give specific examples.Health in the News: Current Events Summary (40 points points for each article) Due: Ongoing until Announced It Is No Being Accepted Read the Health Section of the newspaper (Washington Post) or any other credible health related magazine.

For questions about the Extra Credit Wellness Education grant program, please contact [email protected] or call () For questions about your Something Extra account, please contact [email protected] or call () Health Extra Credit; Health Education ; Health Extra Credit.

Informative essay about this years flu outbreak. Essay must be 1 1/2 pages single spaced. Extra Credit Projects (worth 5 points each) You are allowed to do as many of these projects as you would like throughout the year. Steps for doing extra credit.


As teens begin to date, you start to make important decisions. The interest in sexual activity increases. Also the ability to make good decisions about sexual activity is very important not only to your current, but your future romantic relationships but also to your health.

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Health extra credit
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