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A poorly done synthesis warrants little marks and not only wastes precious time and effort in doing it, but also brings down the overall quality of your essay! Burmese politicians like Ba Maw who chose to join this government, h2 history model essays for secondary collaborating with the British, were thus able to gain political experience in governance, better preparing them for an independent Burma.

You gotta tell them how your content works for the question. This resulted in delayed independence for Malaya and Vietnam.

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Furthermore, many nationalists not only chose to emulate their example from afar, but traveled to those countries with the explicit desire to gain usable support for their movements back home, which were granted in some instances.

Yet the use of force could not be avoided and was manifested through various ways in the region, showing its pervasiveness, but not to the extent of being the only path towards independence.

Elaboration Evidence - Case Study 1 Thailand Evaluation —Explain why this case study was chosen Evidence — Case Study 2 Burma Evaluation — Explain why this case study was chosen Another reason why nationalism arose in SEA is the provision of secular education to an increasing number of SE Asians, which allowed them to see beyond their parochial traditional, small minded mindsets.

Furthermore, given the repressive policies of the French against nationalists, the contribution of Japan is important because they helped nurture the development of nationalism immensely by providing Vietnamese nationalism a safe haven while in their infant stages.

This shows that the Japanese Occupation had the impact of empowering nationalists, something never seen under colonial rule, thus preparing them for eventual independence. This experience and support was used by Sukarno to rally the people under him during the fight against the Dutch after WWII.

In Thailand, the monarchy under Chulalongkorn provided education to many middle class youths. This case study shows that the British economic policies were what prompted the Burmese into action. IV Synthesis Ah this is the new tricky part that stumps many new students. The economic hardship drove the rise of nationalistic feeling amongst the peasants and pongyis as they blamed the colonial master for their suffering and predicament.

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Lee felt that a strong government was needed to craft out viable economic, defence and foreign policies, this therefore requiring PAP domination to prevent political disagreements and infighting.

Concise Paragraph Although Cambodia and Laos had gained independence incommunist activity in neighbouring Vietnam resulted in US intervention in Indochina in attempts to remove the communist threat.

Many students face additional time constraints because they regurgitate a whole chunk of content in their elaboration segments.

Many SE Asians was extremely religious, because religion provided an emotional anchor through easily understood tenets. The collective educational experience of SE Asians allowed them to see that they were actually exploited by their colonial masters.

The introduction of capitalism into previously self-sufficient economies brought about competition from migrants and instability in the local economies as now they are subjected to the demand and supply mechanism of the world.

The role of China is important because the fall of the monarchy under pressure from the French when they came into the region would have caused many Vietnamese to be disillusioned by the institution of the monarchy while alternatives such as democracy might have been rejected altogether as foreign, if not for the example they provided.

Secondly, the success of the YMBA in garnering nation-wide support against the British showed that religion was a potent source of nationalism. In Indonesia, one of the main reasons why the Sarekat Islam SI was set up was to represent the economic interests of locals against the economic dominance of the Chinese and the Dutch.

These resulted in land alienation and indebtedness which led to the formation of nationalist parties to represent their interests. This requires practice of course. This aroused interest in them to unite and fight for change and obtain concessions from their colonial masters.

As a result where anti-communist nationalists like Sukarno arose, the USA gave its support which accelerated the decolonization process. That this should happen despite the fact that Thailand was not colonized, shows that the presence of minorities played a large role in nationalist developments, whether or not the colonial powers were present or not, and shows that racism aroused by changing demographics was a significant factor in the rise of nationalism in SEA, whether it was caused by the colonial masters, or by something else.

In Burma, nationalist movements gained political sophistication after the arrival of the Buddhist layman of the YMBA later GCBAand later the Thakins, groups formed by those who received secular education.

This again needs practice. This support which was granted by the Japanese was crucial because it greatly enhanced their effectiveness as a political organization, and granted them access to a level of military might which were not accessible to them previously. This requires a higher level of thinking.

This case study shows that the Dutch economic policies gave local SE Asians a compelling reason to congregate with such unity and in such large numbers.

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The nationalists in those parts of Southeast Asia still had to fight long and hard to attain independence. It saw the pongyis heading a mass movement of peasant in retaliation against the colonial powers for their unfair treatment.

This was in contrast with the contribution of the traditional Pongyis, which were limited to rebellion and agitation. It also carried out bombing raids on Cambodian territory.Free & Paid Primary Secondary IP School JC exam papers.

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