Grant proposal writing tips

Sloan Foundation makes grants through its various grantmaking programs. This will give your proposal a degree of specificity that will increase its competitiveness considerably.

Point out any affiliations with professionals or institutions that you have created in your target research location. Use boldface and italics to delineate section headings and make key terms stand out.

Other opportunities, like the Fulbright IIE, have separate campus and national Grant proposal writing tips. Grantseekers should take care to work with their program director to ensure there is sufficient time for submission, redrafting, independent review, and amendments subsequent to review.

Depending on the funds requested and the complexity of the work to be performed, the Foundation may seek independent expert review of the proposal. Always ask to have a score sheet, if possible. Be sure to think about your research in broad terms, both when looking for opportunities and applying for grants.

Use charts, graphs, tables, and pictures.

Each program has an apply section on its program page that specifies any program-specific application requirements. On a smaller scale, many awards specific to IU have deadlines for departmental submission that can fall weeks before the all-campus competition.

The Foundation does not make grants for endowments, fundraising drives, or fundraising dinners. This is truly one of the most delicate and tricky parts about grant-writing: This will usually include a detailed description of where you want to conduct your research, why there and then, and not somewhere else or some other time, and, perhaps most importantly, why the foundation should care about your research.

Try instead to explain discipline-specific key terms early on with signal phrases. On some occasions, the Foundation will support the purchase or construction of scientific equipment if such equipment is essential to the success of a Foundation-supported research project or educational initiative.

Have I followed all the requirements for the placement of charts, tables and citations?

If they specify page length, page margins, typeface, etc. Do you know the trustees? National foundations are more likely to fund capital expenses of programs that can be replicated nationally. It pays to be flexible and change your emphasis with each grant proposal.

Make your need compelling. It is not unusual for a grantseeker to be asked to revise, amend, or supplement the original proposal sometimes significantly as a result of the proposal review process. I value any statistics or comments on the success of programs especially if this is featured in the form of articles in periodicals.

Sloan Foundation does not accept or review unsolicited grant proposals. Some programs require additional material or information be submitted with a letter of inquiry.Working on a grant proposal? You may find these tips helpful. Working on a grant proposal?

You may find these tips helpful. Tips for Preparing Grant Proposals. Working on a grant proposal? You may find these tips helpful. Keep the review criteria in mind when writing the application.

Research funding: 10 tips for writing a successful applicationRead the eligibility rulesLeave plenty of time to prepareNo unexplained jargonGet other people to read itExplain why research is needed (5 more items). The Tips for Writing a Successful Grant Proposal section gives useful advice on how to write a successful proposal.

Once a proposal has been submitted, the Foundation will evaluate the proposal.

The Dos and Don’ts of Successful Grant-Writing

The Foundation's grant review and approval process is extremely rigorous and designed to mimic the peer review process at high quality academic. Schedule proposal writing and information gathering activities over a reasonable time and carefully manage the schedule.

Consider scheduling the writing in small, regular amounts of time.

The effort needed to write a proposal might, at first sight, seem insurmountable. The Dos and Don’ts of Successful Grant-Writing DO: Prior to drafting the proposal, research the grant-making organization’s mission and funding interests thoroughly. Mar 30,  · Grant Writing Tips Sheets.

Many NIH Institutes put out guides and tip sheets on their Web sites. These guides can be useful resources. Here are just a few. Tips for New NIH Grant Applicants; Writing a Grant; Electronic Media: All .

Grant proposal writing tips
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