Gluon redshifts lumpiness nucleosynthesis

MOND was attracting increasing support e. I think if no-one more knowledgable comes forward to sort this out I will eventually try to separate the list into two categories along these lines. Or should that be a redirect to here?


This is like saying that plasma within those little desktop plasma lamps is overall neutral, but we have to come up with some other mechanism than EM in order to explain why it is pinching it into filaments.

Paddy is right, we spend a lot of time worrying about the holes: They map the slightly lumpy distribution of matter at the time of last scatteringyears after the big bang.

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I think we Gluon redshifts lumpiness nucleosynthesis have the historical mention of the Alfven model be the major feature of this page since it was, like steady state, proposed and then abandoned for good reason.

Also, in science there are no definitive proofs, just degrees of probability. In plasma cosmology, the universe is inherently cellular and filamentary structured, due to the dynamics of the plasma.

There is evidence for dark matter in gravitational lensing which is not an inference at all. The fact is that not all plasmas are neutral, at any scale. Sentence on production of Quark-Gluon plasma not needed, breaks up story.

I could be wrong. NB I think User: I think the reason for cancellation at large distances is a bit more subtle than this paragraph lets on.

The aims of astrophysics are the understanding of classes of objects, persistent themes, and general principles. There are several different nuclear reaction cycles, or processes e.

To truly determine that most or almost all astrophysicists are indeed supporters of the standard Big Bang would require one to perform a large statistical measurement from a true sample of all real astrophysicists out there. According to my definition, cosmology is about explaining and understanding the fundamental features of the universe.

It is not clear what model is being described. Actually, William Peter and Eric Lerner were studying energetic plasma generators in the laboratory and found that they acted like a perfect blackbody. The CMB looks like redshifted continua.

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Assuming that the universe does have a lot of antimatter and annihilation is being suppressed, what is the limit of observation before you start considering the possibility that you are just wrong.

Referring to curvature esp with a suitable link reduces scope for confusion.

Gluons with mass?

Instead, there will be rough agreement on the subjective probability of MOND being right. Your attitude gives the misleading impression that scientists are much more sure than they really are, it denies the reader relevant links it took me a while to find the alternatives to GR article We were ill prepared for the discovery of the expansion of the universe inboth theoretically and technologically, and a slow period in cosmology followed.

If you want a statistical sample, you can do a quick count of the articles published in the last year at archivx. The String theory page is a better example of article writing.

Dark matter has not been found, despite what you might believe. But when you show full pictures of a plasma instability at the lab scale, planetary, stellar, and galactic scales, differing only in time and size, it is difficult to ignore.

I think it is best to focus on adding content concerning the models of Alfven, Peratt, and Lerner.To Wesino: Unlike gravity on galactic & larger scales, we do have compelling experimental and observational evidence the EM, thermodynamics, and nucleosynthesis "work" pretty much as currently understood in the conditions relevant for big bang theory.

Video created by University of Arizona for the course "Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space". Stars are the crucibles of heavy element creation, and the chaotic regions of their birth are being understood though long wavelength observations.

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Strange World Of Quarks, Gluons, Described By Physicist Date: (, February 23). Strange World Of Quarks, Gluons, Described By Physicist.

Short-Lived Drops of Early Universe Quark-Gluon.

Gluon redshifts lumpiness nucleosynthesis
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