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Features like the repository and the toolbox are good examples of Gis project intention.

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The Office of Enterprise Technology Services ETScreated by ChapterHRSwithin the Department of Accounting and General Servicespartners with the OP in this effort Gis project is the agency responsible for computer system and networking planning, consultation and support to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of state government programs.

Interactive Web Mapping Use these links to explore interactive maps and create your own purpose-built maps. We would be happy to have you join our project.

The WebMapper was developed to provide the citizens of Montana, the oil and gas industry, and other interested persons the ability to visually examine the spatial location of oil and gas producing wells throughout the state as related to roads, townships, rivers, and other cultural features.

Bureau of Land Management. DotSpatial and HydroDesktop are also connected and have their own team.

Geographic Information Systems for Oil and Gas

The map viewer allows users to search and view by township, range, lease number, and well API number. To plan, coordinate and maintain a comprehensive, shared statewide planning and geographic information system and associated geospatial database. Shows oil and gas fields, wells, and associated data.

Provides searching accessing, and dynamic mapping of Colorado oil and gas leases, wells, pits, stipulations, water wells, groundwater, well samples, land ownership, methane seeps, soils, etc. United States Energy Information Administration.

HydroDesktop Free hydrologic data software for data discovery, download, visualization, editing, and integration with other modeling tools. Provides State profiles and energy estimates for the United States and U.

MapWindow5 MapWindow5 is rewritten from scratch, starting in early It has or will have all functionality of MapWindow v4 and is also extendable using plugins.

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Interactive map showing oil and gas basins of the US with links to full geologic reports and individual assessments for each basin with information on discovered and undiscovered oil and gas resources. Using the DotSpatial library. Large map showing oil and gas fields, reservoir rock types, oil and gas pipelines, and operators.

National Integrated Land System Geocommunicator: Because it is open source it is easy to modify and thanks to the auto-updater users will have the latest version.

Oil and Gas Fields and Pipelines of Utah: Interactive maps allow users to search and explore available data, which can then be dynamically mapped and exported.

Basin-specific oil and gas field maps are included and show the locations, boundaries, names, and either the barrel-of-oil equivalent BOEthe liquid hydrocarbon crude oil plus lease condensateor the natural gas reserve size for each field data.

Below are links to tables and spreadsheets with data that include the numbers of BLM-administered oil and gas leases, applications for permit to drill, and oil and gas wells. In code plug-ins and tools are written more or less the same.

Maps are in PDF format.

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The development of this application started in and has stopped in favor of MapWindow5 in The DotSpatial library is written in C and can be used in commercial or open source projects.

Map is in PDF format. It allows developers to incorporate spatial data, analysis and mapping functionality into their applications or to contribute GIS extensions Gis project the community. Code can be written in Visual Basic 6, VB. Interactive map tool for making water resource decisions.The MapWindow GIS project includes a free and open source desktop geographic information system (GIS) with an extensible plugin architecture, a GIS ActiveX control, and C# GIS programmer library called DotSpatial.

Geospatial Analysis Project from University of California, Davis. In this project-based course, you will design and execute a complete GIS-based analysis – from identifying a concept, question or issue you wish to develop, all the way to final.

The Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project (AzRIP) empowers rural communities in Azerbaijan to come together, identify and find solutions to the challenges they face. Launched inthe project was designed to address the rapid decline in rural infrastructure and services for people living in rurual.

ORMAP Project. Learn about the ORMAP project, its purpose, goals and funding. learn more. EI Technologies is a Geographical Information Systems consulting firm with locations in Colorado, Texas, Canada, and India.

We provide a full range of GIS services including Needs Assessment, Implementation Plan, Data Conversion, Data Migration, Customized Applications, System Integration, Database Design, Training and Technical Support.

The South Florida Water Management District's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data Catalog and Open Data Site provide visual and spatial data about water resource systems. GIS can be interactive and may include images. For example, we offer contour data, but not contour maps.

Special software is needed to use these GIS files.

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