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Further, Ung is addressing this book to the government and the people of Cambodia. When people are reading this book, they become involved in the story and can relate to what Ung was going through. Ung was taken to become a child soldier, while her brother was taken to become a worker.

This is not unlike parents nowadays sacrificing many privileges just to provide their progeny with a superb, prominent education. Later, she was able to escape from Cambodia. In the past, many crucial events happened in countries where civil wars occurred.


According to these rules, people did not have any human rights, except one stating that men and women were equal First they killed my father essay every way. There is pain, depression, and confusion for the elements in this story.

For this reason, the author is trying to educate students in schools about what was happening during the Cambodian genocide. Loung is asking her Ma and Pa all these questions and no one will explain anything, so everyone is confused. People only know that Cambodia was going through a civil war, where the communist party was trying to take control of all resources in the country.

According to universal human rights, people have a right to stay where they want. This period was referred to as Khamer Rouge period Chandler, Communists abolished all laws set by the royal government and introduced their own rules in the government.

Ung narrates that when she was young, she was already getting used to the life of being hungry and tired every day. We will write a custom essay sample on First They Killed My Father or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER The parents of teenagers understand that if the young women are not sent away the soldiers will have their way with them, no matter what, and if the young men are not sent away they will be forcefully conscripted into the Angkar army.

Additionally, people have a right to own property. The second reason is that the author wanted to offer people a taste of real life experience of a child in war zone countries. This lyric matches this part because she is crying for her life and being hurt while everyone is being normal.

Based on these facts, the author is trying to educate the contemporary government of Cambodia to stop any inhuman acts in order to avoid going back where they were between and US Department of State, Where is everyone going?

Moreover, people were forced to work in the fields killing the weak ones. Additionally, they get to know the truth about their history relating to what is hidden from them by other history books about the Cambodian genocide.

In general, when Ung was writing this book, she was trying to inform the world about evils that happened in Cambodia during the Khamer Rouge regime.

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During that time, families were taken away from their homes in cities to work in the fields. The main aim of the book is to illustrate Cambodian genocide that took place between and Finally, the author wrote this book for the purpose of teaching students in a history class.

Ma knew this as well so she sent her son to marry a girl from another village and although they moved to another concentration camp she knew her son would be safe. The second reason for using the book to teach people about genocide is that the book is showing details in history that could have been omitted by other historical books.

Secondly, people are not supposed to be tortured at all times regardless of the motives. When the communist party took control of the government, people were forced to evacuate from the cities.Free Essay: InThe Khmer Rouge became the ruling political party of Cambodia after overthrowing the Lon Nol government.

Following their leader Pol Pot. The First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on First They Killed My Father.

First They Killed My Father First They Killed My Father demonstrates that when people live in constant fear they begin to live only for themselves. Discuss, the constant fear, which is portrayed. First They Killed My Father First They Killed My Father demonstrates that when people live in constant fear they begin to live only for themselves.

First They Killed My Father essaysLoung Ung was the next to youngest of eight children born into a middle-class family living in Phnom Penh, and the daughter of a former member of the Cambodian.

First they killed my father essay
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