Essay on role of media in the pakistan election 2013 in urdu

Role of media during elections Share: There are two sides of reporting an election campaign: In such cases, it becomes difficult for an honest and conscientious journalist or anchorperson to perform his duties honestly. But journalists have a responsibility to question and examine all that is said.

First local government election was held in under the dictatorship of ayub khan. The Constitution grants right to both men and women to run for the presidency as it states that a presidential candidate, a Muslimnot less than 45 years of age, and a Member of the National Assembly, can contest the Presidential election.

Description needed Polls held.

Of course, the politicians are entitled to say what they want to, and the voters are entitled to hear them. Presidential elections[ edit ] The President is elected in presidential elections. The question is what sort of role media should play before and during elections.

Polling is held for nine hours on the polling day without any break.

The mission visited Pakistan from December 16 to December 21 and met with election authorities, government officials, party leaders, media and citizen monitoring groups.

The PTI, according to the survey, is making deep inroads in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa where it has surpassed every other player by a 30 per cent score. It is the responsibility of the Chief Election Commissioner to organize and conduct these elections.

Role of media during elections

The list of polling stations is prepared by the Returning Officers and approved by the District Returning Officer. The Pakistani constitution states that a person must be 25 years old to become Prime Minister, an age Bilawal Zardari will not become until September The President is a ceremonial post, head of stateand merely a figurehead with the executive powers granted to Prime Ministerby the Constitution.

The February political forecast is based on a nationwide poll of approximately voters in villages and urban localities. His lawyer said that he would appeal to the Supreme Court.

The President is elected for a term of 5 years. The same proportion of Hindko-speakers — 44 per cent — also expressed an intention to vote for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, indicating a close contest between the two parties PMLN and PTI within that particular demographic.

The politicians indeed would like to talk about what suits them, but the journalist needs to take an independent view of what is important to the voters.

The EU EOM team will include observers, experts, election analysts, political analysts, legal analysts, human rights analysts, media analysts and others. The rally was part of the faction led by Fazal-ur-Rehman.

Election in pakistan

And if he goes for the second option, he will be sacked. On 23 April, He appeared at a Rawalpindi court under tight security on charges relating to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

The delegation stated that not only the U. The highest proportion of those aged between 36 to 50 years Even in his televised address, while trumpeting the occasion, PM Raja P Ashraf quietly conceded that his government had also been a source of disappointment for many.

Pakistani general election, 2013

The citizens registered on the electoral rolls are only eligible to cast their votes. Tax evasion is not being considered an offence or a sin. Joe Clark commended the cooperation of all parties, especially in adopting measures to bring the Federally Administered Tribal Areas under the political umbrella.

Support based on household income On average, approximately a third of those earning up to 30, rupees each month indicated a preference for the Pakistan Peoples Party whereas, among those earning more than 30, rupees, support for the party dropped to After the publication of Election Schedule by the Election Commission, nomination papers are invited from interested contesting candidates.

However, it fell short of an absolute majority in the National Assembly. It took about 10 months during which the PTI almost suspended its activities. The observers will follow the political campaign and hold regular meetings with representatives of election management bodies, political parties, candidates and civil society groups.Communication and role of social media in Communication and role of social media in pakistan's election in a college application essay.

a precise date for the election - Election in pakistan Essay Examples on Pakistan Pakistan election day bombings Scattered gun and. Nov 20,  · negative role of media in pakistan essay in urdu impact Of Media -By Qasim Ali Shah | In Urdu - Duration: Pakistani Media Role in Pakistan.

Elections in Pakistan

Media Role in Pakistan • • • • • • • • • • • • Urdu channels Business channels What should be the Role of Media in Pakistan?4/4(16). Pakistani general election, Imran informed the media that no-one from "I wish to congratulate the people of Pakistan.

The general election marks a Turnout: %(pp). their potential and future role in general elections ; print media In the Pakistan’s General ElectionsElection Commission of Pakistan.

Essay on role of media in the pakistan election 2013 in urdu
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