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Marriage was the thing in the 18th Century, in which mothers took a very big part. In the past Wickham had been able to seduce other woman and essentially rob them of their fortune; once he was finished with them he would leave them to their own means.

The most fatal of these marriages is between Wickham and Lydia. When Lydia and Wickham elope it is a total scandal as this chain is broken. Jane Austen shows a variety of marriages throughout the novel, and shows the pitfalls of marriage simply to please society and to ensure financial security.

His arrival makes the mother of the family very excited, as he would ensure that Jane would be financially secure for the rest of her life and would save the family from poverty. Jane is nothing to it… such a charming man! Charlotte, being a "well-educated woman of small fortune" ; Vol.

Women in upper class families, used to spend their time sewing, knitting and reading, so they had to get married to have financial support.

Darcy, one year before their marriage, at a ball. One of these characteristics is that love cannot be brought on by appearances, and must slowly develop between the two people as they get to know one another. Even though Elizabeth rejected his proposal, Mr.

The only reason Wickham married Lydia was for money, not for true love. At first Elizabeth is against the idea that money should choose her partner but after her visit to Pemberley- the home of Darcy, she is overawed by the wealth and social class Darcy came from, and her opinion changes and admits that wealth and social class are both important to her, and her own personal gain.

Their relationship grew over time and each had the chance to observe the others character; this being the case they were both able to obtain an accurate idea of what the other was truly like.

After learning of his true nature she started falling in love with him and in the end accepted his second marriage proposal. An example of this can be of the marriage of Charlotte and Mr Collins.

Men as well as women were interested in the future of their daughters. She is critical of all the wrong reasons to get married.

Pride and Prejudice – Marriage Essay Sample

Elizabeth, unlike her younger sisters, is quite quick-witted but perhaps is too judgmental and relies very heavily on her first impressions of people; this is clearly evident after her first meeting with Mr.

Of the three examined couples Elizabeth and Darcy have by far the most loving and prosperous marriage. Darcy and Elizabeth, Jane and Bingley. The marriage between Darcy and Elizabeth reveals the characteristics which forms a successful marriage.

Marriage in Pride and Prejudice

Collins was socially desirable; he would offer Elizabeth a home, respectability and long term stability for the Bennet family.

Another example of this is again the attitude Mrs Bennet has towards the feelings to her future son-in-law, but this time towards Darcy. When he proposes to her, Elizabeth refuses his proposal. For example, Lydia for excitement and Charlotte for financial security, but she also shows that marriage can be ideal for people who are socially and temperamentally suitable- i.

Elizabeth is so determined not to allow money to influence her choice of partner that she rejects him for quite a long time.

Charlotte accepts his proposal, on the grounds of her future life. The union of Collins and Charlotte demonstrates the ideas of ambition and a one-sided marriage; where as the union between Elizabeth and Darcy shows one of compassion and mutual love. Charlotte marries Collins primarily because he will be able to provide for her and will be able to make her life quite easy considering, that upon the death of Mr.

He was attempting to do the same to Lydia but was confronted by Mr. I think Jane Austen would have a huge shock if she were to find out that now-a-days society accepts sex before marriage, same sex partners, and single parents. Jane Austen made Lydia and Wickham elope, to show how wrong it can be; both socially, and how it can affect the marriage of the couple emotionally and financially.

The author uses the relationships of Wickham and Lydia and Charlotte and Mr. The first marriage found in the novel is that of Charlotte Lucas to the nervous Mr.

One of the main differences is of course that women had much less independence than they have now.Essay title: Marriage in Pride and Prejudice Marriage in Pride and Prejudice “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife” (pg1)/5(1).

"Pride and Prejudice" is a novel written by Jane Austen during the Victorian era, this novel of manners shows us an interesting insight on the power of money, love, family, social status and marriage.

Portrayal of Marriage in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Essay Words | 9 Pages. of Marriage in Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice portrays varying attitudes to marriage. "The intricate social network that pervades the novel is one that revolves around the business of marriage".

English Essays - Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice presents five married couples. No two are alike.

From the pure love which was experienced through Elizabeth and Darcy. Included: pride and prejudice essay content.

Love, Wealth, And Marriage In Pride And Prejudice

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Essay about marriage in pride and prejudice
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