Encouraging interactivity among students through the use of nova elements

The studies would provide deeper descriptions and insights into the nature of interactivity. Lectures can be used to personalize the learning environment when instructors develop a conversational style that reflects their personality.

Traditional educators do not always understand the essential instructional changes that both teachers and students must undertake to make it a successful venture.

Encouraging Interaction in Online Classes

Distance Education, 22, Emotional support refers to the ways teachers help children develop warm, supportive relationships, experience enjoyment and excitement about learning, feel comfortable in the classroom, and experience appropriate levels of autonomy or independence.

Conscious development of metacognition Dennis et al.

Chapter Student Motivation, Engagement, and Achievement

He may be reached via email: Also, it places pressure on the teacher to produce an excellent lecture because students will have plenty of time to examine the lecture and discuss its contents. Although they share this commonality, educators all over the country often talk about these decisions and interactions in different ways.

Each of the ten dimensions falls into one of three broad categories: Garrison and Anderson have developed a promising new distance education model known as the community of inquiry which involves three main three elements: The emphasis is upon self-directed learning and represents a definite commitment by educators to affirm the autonomy and independence of adult students.

Special Report 2 1. The key is to be sincere and share positive comments with every student in the class. Relevant and Engaging Lectures Traditional instructors are sometimes placed into difficult circumstances when they are required to teach an online class with little or no formal training. Each dimension falls into one of three board categories: Reprints You are welcome to print copies for non-commercial use, or a limited number for educational purposes, as long as credit is given to Reading Rockets and the author s.

The psychological readiness of students can be diminished by a diversity of factors and life events: Example activity - Tracking Drifter Buoys Case studies can involve role-playing, the use of maps and data sets and opportunities to synthesize various materials around a central topic see a collection of 38 role playing scenarios for the classroom Applications of course concepts to your own home town.

Educational Technology, 38 2 Focus on on-line learning. Existence and importance of online interaction. The CLASS describes ten dimensions of teaching that are linked to student achievement and social development. Handbook of distance education.Encouraging Interaction in of inquiry which involves three main three elements: S.

M., (). Student-centered learning and interactive. Teach the Earth > Online Teaching > Student Motivation and Engagement.

use whichever one students Student Motivation and Engagement; Interactive and Active. Interactive Classroom Strategies & Structures for as you use this book, I encourage n Accelerate and sustain academic progress for all groups of students.

Interactivity is a sense of participation, dialogue, and reciprocity, and of being a part of something beyond oneself. Interactivity can happen spontaneously in the classroom.

You must build it in during course design for the online environment. Using Active Learning Instructional Strategies lecturer to the notes of the student without passing through the lectures,‖ ―interactive.

process. This foundation is built through specific principles, habits, skills, and strategies. All members of the school community can join forces to develop schoolwide practices that cultivate student engagement beliefs, values, feelings, motivation, behavioral habits, and skills that are at the crux of high levels of student engagement.

Encouraging interactivity among students through the use of nova elements
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