Effects of one child policy

However, the relaxation of the One Child Policy is likely to create more problems than it solves, especially in the short term, as there will be an increase in young as well as elderly dependants, for the working-age population to care for. It was more strictly enforced in urban Effects of one child policy than rural areas due to the fact that those living in urban areas have more economic and social stability, but those living in rural areas tend to rely on their children for support.

However, the lift of the policy is conditional. You have a right to sing as you walk down the street, even though your off-key voice may pain passersby.

No one thinks that if a religion required, say, human sacrifice, those who follow it would be allowed to engage in ritual killing, no matter how sincere their belief. We have no right to cause great harm to others when we can avoid this without great loss to ourselves.

Some people think that it is one of the greatest policies that government has ever implemented while others think it is inhumane and inappropriate for the government to dictate such a thing. The Chinese government hopes that by allowing families to have more children it will lead to a more consumer-driven society as parents face pressure from both children.

In the last three decades since the policy was implemented, there have been over 12 million people born — and that is the population of Greece. This made an impact to China and to the families who had to follow this enacted law. The increased consumerism created by having more children will also benefit the economy and push China to attain its goal of transitioning from a manufacturing and export market to a more consumer-driven market in the future.

As for whether it is what is best for the country or its relaxation is the better option, the result will appear in the coming years. Women suffer not only physically but also psychologically and emotionally.

The cause is, in a word, sexism, where a culture finds women to be less valuable, and parents subsequently find girls less beneficial to the family.

Also, since sons are more favored choices in families, some girls who were born were also put up for adoption in other countries like the United States.

It is already difficult enough to take care of an elderly, how much more if there are two people to take care of. With making the One Child Policy a law that every Chinese family has to abide by and around million births were prevented. One of the advantages of having only a child in the family is the opportunity given to the newborn of having a comfortable life.

Unlike with having a sibling or sibling, being the only child can be a burden in the future. Of course, things might change. Sarah Conly is an associate professor of philosophy at Bowdoin College.

No siblings: A side-effect of China's one-child policy

This is not natural, and is absolutely detrimental to the society as a whole. If there were multiple children born, the burden could be spread between the children as opposed to falling squarely on the shoulders of a single child.

Industry sectors across the board saw rising share prices as investors showed their confidence in the proposed softening of the One Child Policy regulations. Changing it now, before the crunch, will be less painful than trying to do that when our backs are against the wall. The economic burden of having a child has deterred many couples from having a second child, therefore this relaxation of the policy may not have an effect on the population growth of China.

However, it was more prevalent in China because of the large population to begin with.

Here’s why China’s one-child policy was a good thing

It has been shown, through research into Chinese families with twins that families with two or more children feel they have a more secure future.Six Consequences of One-Child Policy Reform. China's decision to allow more families to have two children ends a drastic year social experiment.

The fertility rate in China declined after the one-child policy was introduced, but the rate was already on the way down. For more than 30 years, China had adopted the social experiment, One Child Policy.

9 Advantages and Disadvantages of the One Child Policy

As the term suggests, every couple or family should only have one child. This. Feb 19,  · The One Child Policy is seen as being one of the most significant social policies ever implemented in China.

The policy, put into place inlimited. List of Cons of China One Child Policy.

List of Pros and Cons of China One Child Policy

Many people are against the one child policy of China. Many people say that it is against the will of God, and it is an abuse of human rights.

The Effects of China's One­ Child Policy: The Significance for Chinese Women Kristine Sudbeck Abstract: In China introduced the legislation of the One-Child.

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Effects of one child policy
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