Do soap operas reflect life in the 21st century essay

A long-running series offers a comforting familiarity, a bit like putting on a favourite pair of slippers. Accidents and illness may take away some of our favourite characters, but surely it has to be the chance of getting bumped off by murder that is the most unrealistic statistic of all.

The typical, working citizen, who likes a drink and a bit of a banter in their local; the tribulations of relationships, marriage and divorce; the loneliness of the elderly; emotional dilemmas; struggles with money; gossipy chats with the hairdresser; teenage issues; interaction within the community - all of the aforementioned can hit a note of understanding within ourselves.

If you are a keen supporter of either Hollyoaks or Eastenders, you may even notice that the most recent additions to each cast were families from ethnic minorities and both have taken on quite bold storylines as they have entered their respective programmes.

Many viewers identify with the characters in the shows. Christmas on a British soap opera rarely goes well! In conclusion Eastenders appears to be more realistic than Neighbours, but both soaps contain realistic and fictional elements.

Hospitals are wonderful settings for incorporating new stories and the meeting of new characters as patients and personnel, bringing with them social issues. The aerial view of London quickly establishes the characters in their location, showing that this is an important issue, and the smiling faces of the Neighbours shows that relationships between them is going to be an important issue.

Zoe receives flowers and birthday cards.

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Men are much less caught up in the psychological dramas of day-to-day life - which is one of the main elements of soap operas that attracts women. With all the hours donated to airing these programs, some had programming up to ten hours daily, the audience had reached an extraordinary twenty million.

At the end of the day they are meant to be fictional and they are not trying to be like documentaries, but their balance between the realistic sets and setting and the over exaggerated narratives and characters is what makes the genre so successful. While their first generation characters refuse to age the subsequent generations age overnight.

In a soap, your chances of meeting a grisly end are hugely amplified when compared with true-life data. Soaps can also teach us morals such as things can only get better.

Do Soap Operas reflect life in the 21st Century? Essay

Unlike the flashy American Soaps that we watched in the eighties, we often feel we can relate to our favourite characters. Elaborate sets and lighting, very attractive young actors dressed in hi-fashion, right out of the glamour magazines with plot lines almost exclusively based on their sex lives.

Understanding others in our society is important, and sometimes we can be educated via the television. Not only that, but as a result we are given a glimpse into the minds of some of our own elderly relatives or our ageing neighbours, struggling in isolation behind closed curtains.

Her screams have alerted her captors as to where she is hiding! Differences were woven into the plotlines mainly in terms of romances between the characters. For many its not just one soap opera. Producing fifteen minutes of TV drama each weekday proved much more complicated than radio.

The audience are gratified by seeing resolutions in story lines and by the sheer number of bad things that happen to certain characters, making their own lives seem quite good and simple. The old and retired find it a good way to deal with the extra time they have on their hands.

Radio could be listened to while doing other things, even in other rooms. Their placement at the end of each episode makes the viewer hungry for more.

The fifteen-minute story quickly expanded to thirty minutes, because it was cheaper to produce one minute show as opposed to two minute shows. Proceed Although stereotypes make characters easier to relate to, they do take a way some of the realism, because they tend to be over exaggerated.

Soap operas have come a long way since then. Also, although nine may sound like a reasonably large number, it is not relative to the programme that is being shown and the area that it is set in.The Influences of Soap Operas On Family Life Essay. Length: words ( double-spaced pages) Rating: Good Essays.

Open Document. Soap operas, do in fact have a part to play in the way that we react to things, therefore, we know that we - Soap operas were first introduced to American culture via the radio in the early 20th century.

This highlights one of Mary Ellen Brown’s points that soap operas portray strong women outside the domestic setting.

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Nov 19,  · For many of us, watching soap operas has become one of life's little rituals - a way to unwind at the end of the day. Women, in particular, often become hooked on these long-running television series.

Why Do We Like To Watch Soap Operas - And Are They Realistic?

Some cannot bear to miss a single episode, recording the entire series so they can watch it at will Reviews: Soap operas are often regarded as bad, poorly acted, not socially valued if not said have no aesthetic at all. Soap Operas Are Regarded Media Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily. Soap operas are very popular.

Do Soaps Represent ‘real’ life? Essay

All ages watch soaps, from young children to retired grandparents. People are interested in soaps because they reflect life in the 21st century. The Real Life of the Parthenon. will select one book length collection of essays each year to receive a cash prize of $ and publication in the 21st Century Essays series on Mad Creek Books, an imprint of The Ohio State University Press.

Who’s Afraid of Helen of Troy; the nonfiction anthologies After Montaigne, Truth in Nonfiction.

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Do soap operas reflect life in the 21st century essay
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