Cs go matchmaking long wait time

Went solo again and it let me into a game in less than a minute. Those games took only seconds to find dust 2. Yeah I want play on official servers not community servers. On Dec 4, Tried filling up cs: I hope valve please make simple to invite some people without add as friends to my steam account like in dota 2!!!

My vanilla 20 slot competitive server will fill up within 10 minutes of a clan member joining. I hopefully will happily be playing cs comp daily from now on. I played a few games the other day and once I won I was put on competitive cool down for calibration.

On Tue, Dec 4, at 6: Mine will fill up within about ten minutes of anybody joining.


I have a 3 monitor setup and when i really flick hard and click it alt tabs the game. If anybody is still looking I would appreciate any tips on how to contain the mouse to one monitor. There are a lot of servers but not a lot of players, and of those players most are using official matchmaking so we get potentially even fewer players.

Reset all the network hardware and ran some tests. Too long to wait and I give up and play something else. Also I have got some difficult when play with my party from my steam groups because friends on my steam account have reached limit.

I know at some higher ranks matchmaking can take longer but I am unranked with only 2 wins and maybe 6 lifetime comp matches. I just lost a gold knife fight in arms race and handed the guy the win because I went AFK on the first swing and I come back to 3rd place GG.

Only to notice that the pinion servers get all the traffic anyways. But as of now the latest update and a few restarts of all hardware and also joining with friends seemed to give MM the kick in the pants it needed.

And then minutes later I was told my client was out of date and needs to be restarted. But hey wildfire is pretty fun to wait on daily as well. Will update with whatever hopefully fixes this soon. Did not get any games in 5 minute wait after tries with these different combinations.

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I will then reset the modem and other hardware and try again later tonight. Even arms race takes relatively long now over ten minutes and its all bots but one other person. Cannot test until later. Also not enough players on our region to all servers out here.

Got in in 30 seconds. On Dec 4, 2: I am now trying to find a game every few minutes and then searching again if nothing comes up. I am in Oregon and have good internet. But hopefully Valve enables what you need. I have read every comment and I am trying to reply and test what tips I have been offered.

Some more info generally. Time to shut them down, a pitty. I appreciate if you have read this far. I shut my server down several weeks ago and feel it was the right decision, but it still bums me out.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

[MEGA THREAD]Waiting time to competitive matchmaking takes forever I usually hear people queueing solo and getting less than 5 minute wait times regularly, but if that is too long for you queue with a friend.

# fresh-air-purifiers.com&Think. Dec 7, @ pm. May 02,  · FORUMS; PC STORE; PLAY NOW ON PC PLAY Long Matchmaking queue times ( minutes) to pass the time in while I wait. =/ EDIT: I'm gonna add some extra info, and log my attempts. Today is my first day of playing after completing the tutorial last night before going to bed.

I am currently rank Team Deathmatch queue. Is that seriously how long it takes for the game to find me matches or did someone report me for cheating? Been playing CS since and only just recently got into CS:GO so I don't know how this ranking stuff really works.

Discussion Why does ranked matchmaking sometimes take forever, wait time is very subjective. Ranked matchmaking has a higher priority to match by rank than casual does which is hard and therefore takes longer (not % sure how the algorithm works in Siege).

High elo players and teams in League of Legends, which has a gazillion player. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. How long does it take for competitive matchmaking? I live on the east coast, and never have been able to get into a match.

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Should I be waiting over 10 minutes for one? myself, am from Australia and due to the playerbase, I had to wait 20 minutes for my first Competitive match. After the Competitive.

Just started playing competitive. What are normal wait times for matchmaking? I give up after 40 minutes. Since the cool down wore off my matchmaking times have been long. Too long to wait and I give up and play something else.

Are you the only one currently using CS:GO (or maybe other Valve games) at the time? It might be to do with.

Cs go matchmaking long wait time
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