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By Steve Gillman I did it all wrong when I tried selling discount cards at the age of twenty. See if there are any groups who can do the selling for you, or see if retailers who participate are willing to sell them. This was about thirty years ago, by the way. Determine whether or not you will allow refunds.

Sign the contract and have the restaurant owners sign as well. He said he could get the kids to sell 1, Request Samples Discount cards are a remarkable marketing tool used to advertise to and upsell customers Encourage first time buyers to buy, thank, and retain current customers while boosting sales as a whole.

I was going too cheap on the card materials, to low on the pricing, and I had no sales experience. In some cases, taking out a loan can be risky, as you may have to put up personal property, such as your home or car, as collateral.

Purchase a domain for the website and hosting if you like. The cards can have a barcode or magnetic strip on the back, so restaurants can scan or swipe the card at the register to take off the discount.

Hire an accountant to help you sort through any tax issues. Choose a mix of restaurants to make the card more appealing to potential diners. These programs are easy to set up and easily increasing the funds you raise by having a low overhead cost. Cards should always have an expiration date, or retailers will be vary about participating.

For example, a diner can save 20 percent off of a check at a participating restaurant. Another option is to have the card provide a buy one entree, receive one free deal. I promised each that they would be the only one of their type on the card one bookstore, one car repair place, etcgiving the card holder a reason to come to them versus any other business of the same sort.

Tip A few months after the card program is up and running, ask for feedback from participating restaurants to gauge use of the cards. Design a simple layout for the card using imaging software or even a business card template on word processing software. The selling of discount cards is done in a variety of ways, but they are almost always printed on higher-quality cards than what we planned, and sold for more.

My vendors included a bookstore, a restaurant, an auto repair facility and a two others I no longer recall. It was called "The Christmas Discount Card" or something like that, and would be good for a year. Include a form on the website so that customers can sign up online.

Also include details on how often the card may be used at any restaurant, as well as details about what a card holder may do if he wishes to cancel the card. Discount Cards are also a great fundraising opportunity. These are great ways to bring customers in again and again to spend more with you.Smart Card Business Plan 18, views.

Share; Like; Download jaclor Follow Published on Mar 25 Senior discounts will be given to those who are 65 and over; they will receive a 20% discount to any amount they. Starting the Business.

1. Write a plan for the business. In the plan, describe the discount dining card program, detailing what it entails, what area it.

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Our gallery of over + free business plan samples include: restaurants, online retail, health care, plus tons of business services. Toggle navigation. Starting a business made easy. Business Ideas Get a Business Credit Card to Build Your Startup’s Credit.

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