Bu130 learning contract

You and Your Learning Context: Reflection — I need hone my weaknesses which will boost my self-esteem and practise with confidence in any given situation.

Input this into a diary and stick as rigidly as you can to it. I thought if I could do it differently, I would change my ways or improve to work quicker and catch up with the programme.

I feel I gained a lot from learning how to write about a concrete experience in detail. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Task 3 my learning contract.

See planner on last page: Most of all, I have learnt how to manage ill people, make last minute decisions and think critically when under pressure or in an emergency situation, whilst trying to remain calm.

What else increases risk in the statement? This will create foundation to secure my current position giving better opportunities too as I will also be completing my Apprenticeship — Fabricator NVQ Level 3 in 14th of March. This model enables one to breakdown situations into a clearer more structured way.

Ideas are taken from as many resources available especially from Reading materials from the Topic Guide 3 of Self and Career Management.

Good attempt at referencing. You have explained everything quiet well and kept it very simple to understand what you are doing.

Learning Contract

Therefore, one must have self confidence, strong willed and persevere in order to overcome such weaknesses. You could also speak to managers regarding daily, weekly and monthly priorities.

My other academic qualification is OCN website design. I had no options but to continue my work with speed as I know that arguing with him would not have got me anywhere.

How — The advance planning and preparing of my dad home, has well as introduction the new time management strategy — Day planner — To do list — dump it list and delegating between us and sticking to the four methods I chose of FairweatherTime Management methods BU For example, balance sheet is not an account; it is a statement of assets, liabilities and associated equity.

Working and learning: developing effective performance at work Essay

Aspirational — Achieving my time objective is aspirational because, I have so many things to do and very little time to spare, so this will not be achievable easily. Taking emotions and feelings into account and analysing situations through questioning and response.

I thought cutting my breaks shorter has worked effectively and I am also able to be a step ahead. The Open University, b Discussion Session Action Taken At the moment, I am undertaking a vocational, NVQ level 3 course in order to be more competent and qualified as a senior tradesman with acquired knowledge to secure my profession and develop personally.

This might be the start of a downward trend in performance. Aspirational — To achieve additional work related learning skills from my online courses and to gaining employment in the future.

I am able to spend ample time on my TMA03 assignment as well. Section 4, Learning Strategy and Resources. Measurable — By carrying out a S. Action Bourner, Hence, whatever the circumstances, I must manage the changes meaning innovating and improving the standards and quality of work in order to achieve distinction and be capable of reaching my own prospective pathway.

But I am beginning to understand that you should reflect upon learning which you feel has something further to learn from.

Realistic — I could achieve my learning objective and new goals with 5 weeks.

Our action-tendencies — Following strictly with the deadline will help keep myself on track with everything.The Open University () BU Working and learning: developing effective performance at work, study guide, Milton Keynes The Open University () BU, Working and Learning: Developing effective performance at Work, Introducing Reflective Learning, Milton Keynes, The Open University.

BU Working & Learning – Developing effective performance at work I will now be able to work more effectively on section 2 of my learning contract, as I have realised I have been looking at it the wrong way and not looking deeply enough into what is available to me at work and what is going to be happening in the the specific months.

This resource includes guidance notes for developing a learning contract for self-directed study, together with a template for the Learning Contract. It is designed to be used by adult students attending short courses but wishing to develop a more formal approach to study than that provided by the short courses.

Learning Journal – Time Management Essay

Category Archives: BU August 11, LEARNING JOURNAL 28/07/ In regards to my starting my own business, I have found that having to submit the learning contract, I have already started to be able to plan forward, and it appears to have motivated me greatly. BU Working and Learning: Learning Contract template We have provided this template to help you to build up and structure your learning contract.

You will find an introduction to the learning contract in Activity of the Study Guide and you will find detailed guidance in the Learning Contract Guidance. Learning Contract Essay Words | 9 Pages. BU Working and Learning: Learning Contract template We have provided this template to help you to build up and structure your learning contract.

Bu130 learning contract
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