Benefits of family friendly policies essay

This can be attributed as one of the reasons the company has been doing very well for a number of centuries now Howard, The study demonstrates the needs of families, staying on campus, and provides insight for development in creating, or enhancing family-friendly campuses. It has also gone a step further to provide managers with frequently asked questions resources which help them to fully understand parental leave issues and hence little problems are encountered while the employees take a parental leave.

Her three-year-old had just been diagnosed with asthma, and her cousin, who took care of him, was afraid to continue. You can make a good argument that the adoption of family-friendly policies is a basic strategy for any economic development effort. A family-friendly business is a healthy business, pure and simple.

Top 10 Benefits of Flexible Work Policies for Companies

Instead of resentment or isolation, we are a more connected, more supportive team because we all reap the benefits. Even so, she Benefits of family friendly policies essay managed to get her kids to school and babysitters and herself to work on time. As explained above, part of your research should be aimed at generating some alternative family-friendly scenarios.

Over the last year, our team has experienced floods, tornado warnings, snow storms, power outages, Internet service disruptions, and other unforeseeable events.

This is the true essence of dedication. Government might fund or subsidize with sliding-scale payment by employees making up most or all of the rest of the cost workplace seminars on family-related topics, or on-site marriage and family therapy, just as it subsidizes workplace education.

They also offer the parents discounts on tuition and a child-care backup program. Work-family conflicts often force employees to decline a position or quit their jobs. And here, gender diverse leadership delivers results once again because where women are better represented in senior leadership, companies are more likely to adopt family-friendly work policies in the first place.

What do you want to have happen where, and by when? It makes us a better team. Individuals who, like Luz at the beginning of the section, have had experience with family-friendly policies A "Family-Friendly" designation might be granted by local government, the Chamber of Commerce, or some other body to employers that have implemented family-friendly policies.

Point to and reward those workplaces and government agencies who support and engage in family-friendly practices. I founded FlexJobs to help professionals find jobs that support work-life balance, and as a company, we very much practice what we we preach.

When family issues are highlighted in a political campaign. As work-family balance becomes harder to achieve for all Americans, businesses must respond with creative accommodations to recruit and retain workers. The guarantee is that, if you take such a leave, your job - and your seniority - will be waiting for you when you return.

About a year ago, I gathered together employees who had used our parental and medical leave, to ask about their experiences, and whether there was anything we could do to improve the program or the experience. This is very beneficial to the parents because they can take that time to interact with their newly adopted children and in this way be able to really know their adopted children.

By spreading awareness about the immense need for family-friendly policies throughout America and the widespread benefits they foster, more businesses will embrace a culture welcoming work-family accommodations.

These folks also have some built-in advantages, in some ways similar to those of business people. Mandating a health insurance plan for all families.

This means that the companies have afforded their employees a lot of flexibility when they are working. These policies attract workers and support businesses in recruitment to secure the best employees, improving firm productivity.

The cost of the leave is to be defrayed, at least in part, by taxes paid by employees. Broad adoption of family-friendly policies can help small businesses that may struggle to match the generous leave and flexibility policies of larger firms.Family-friendly employment may implement different policies to meet the needs of employees.

Including the introduction of given family leave benefits, such as marriage leave, paternity leave, parental leave, compassionate leave, special casual leave and special long leave, etc (GovHK, n.d.). By offering flexible schedules and family-friendly policies, companies can find talent that otherwise is closed off to traditional office jobs.

Stay-at-home parents, military spouses, retired professionals, and professionals with disabilities are all brought into the workforce through flexible work options.

Family friendly policies

Lowered environmental impact. Apr 18,  · Addressing the common arguments against work-family accommodations displays the clear advantages of family-friendly workplace policies, which widely benefit workers, families, and businesses.

By Lucille Marshall. Genuinely family-friendly workplaces build a sense of community among co-workers by creating opportunities for employees' families to come together in and outside of the office. In this essay, I Have attempted to present suggest to implementation of family-friendly policies on families, or employers both have many favorable factors, together with the Hong Kong Government and the enterprises' efforts, this measure would allow employers and employees there will be a win-win situation.

So perhaps incorporating family-friendly policies and practices in the workplace could make a difference for employees with a lot of responsibilities, commitments and work life situations. However Hein () argued that family-friendly policies and practices can assist employees with the complexity of work life issues.

Benefits of family friendly policies essay
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